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The Key Factor Mapping Tool & Worksheet

Collective Impact, Collaborative Leadership, Tools

The Key Factor Mapping Tool is used to develop a shared understanding of the factors that have the most impact on addressing a complex issue or...

Single, Double and Triple Loop Learning Tool

Collective Impact, Tools

TOOL | Single, Double and Triple Loop Learning is related to Brenda Zimmerman’s explanation of problems or challenges as being Simple,...

Online Collaboration

Community Engagement, Tools

This tool assists with getting a team started with online collaboration while focusing on communication, coordination, creation, and...

Mobile Engagement

Community Engagement, Tools

A tool to help reach your community through mobile engagement including ideas for you to implement.

Insight Communities

Community Engagement, Tools, Evaluation

This helps explain insight communities of partners, stakeholder, and citizens. These communities share with you what they think and feel, and why...


Community Engagement, Tools

An explanation on when to use geo-mapping which is a way to crowd-source information for your community to obtain verifiable feedback data.

Future Search

Community Engagement, Tools

The future search is an approach that centers on a conference with 'visioning' at its core. The crucial stages that should be followed are also...

Focus Groups

Community Engagement, Tools

This tool explains how to use focus groups with a set criteria. There are also various approaches outlined to help assist your efforts.

Engagement Funnel

Community Engagement, Tools

This tool helps segment your various stakeholder groups, monitor their engagement, and create a plan to deepen their engagement.

Digital Storytelling

Community Engagement, Tools

A tool to help you develop your own digital storytelling to empower community members, educate stakeholders, and evaluate change.

Community of Practice

Community Engagement, Tools

This tool outlines what a Community of Practice is why you should make one and how to assemble the tools and talent to make it succeed.

Citizen Juries

Community Engagement, Tools, Community Innovation

This tool helps explain how a citizen jury can help consider complex issues through gathering evidence, deliberating, and making final decisions.

Community Engagement workshopAdaptive Leadership Masterclass | VAN, CGY, EDM, TOR, OTT

Does your work involve complex cross sector or community collaborations? Are you looking to learn practical and effective skills that will help you and your teams collaborate better – deal with conflict, challenge old ways of working, respond to diverse views, create shared meaning, and plan for the future – all while working together to make a collective impact?

This intensive Masterclass will equip you with the tools, processes and most importantly the leadership practice to make a real and meaningful change, through your own collaborative initiative.

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