Getting to Impact: Lessons Learned from Vibrant Communities Canada

In the final webinar of the Getting to Impact Series, Paul Born, Mark Cabaj, and Liz Weaver discuss the lessons they are learning about getting to impact. They reflect on the results of the When Collective Impact has an Impact report and the implications this evaluation might have on the future design of Vibrant Communities Canada.


Watch the other webinars in this series:


Co-Design in Collaboration

Max Hardy and Liz Weaver will explore the key concepts to navigate the people and process factors of collaboration. Max will discuss The Power of Co – an approach which builds deep engagement and design practices into every collaborative step and moves groups from dilemma to impact.

Listen to the full webinar here

Introduction to Reconciliation

Reconciliation Canada’s Introduction to Reconciliation webinar creates a safe place for participants to explore our shared Canadian history, examine the meaning of reconciliation, and their respective role to play. This hour-long webinar will provide an opportunity for participants to explore their values, and beliefs as they relate to reconciliation.

Listen to the full webinar here

Building Community Into Neighbourhoods

Jim Diers, author of Neighbor Power: Building Community the Seattle Way and Paul Born, author of Deepening Community, discuss how to bring ‘community’ back into neighbourhoods, and create more vibrant connections in the places where we live.

Listen to the full webinar here

Human-Centred Design, Design Thinking, and Community Change

In this introductory one-hour webinar join Galen MacLusky, Tamarack’s Director of Community Innovation, as he explores Human-Centred Design, Design Thinking, and their relevance for community changemakers.

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The Grand Pals Project: Social Impact Through Community Connected Learning

The GrandPals Project is an award winning elementary school program that connects students and community seniors for shared friendship, learning and storytelling. This webinar describes the program and evaluates its merit from a teacher, student, senior and community development perspective.

Listen to the full webinar here

Cultivating Leadership Without Limits

In this webinar, Sylvia Cheuy joins Haashan Batts and Phyllis Alexander, the driving forces behind Leadership Without Limits. They share their intent, values, and core design elements behind their initiative, Joined by Oliver Reilly who shares his experiences of being a participant of the program.

Listen to the full webinar here