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It’s important to situate ourselves in relation to the Indigenous stewards of the lands we occupy, as well as those whose displacement to Turtle Island was involuntary. We do this in acknowledgment of the legacies of colonialization, slavery, and racism so that our work for community change promotes more equitable futures for all.


land acknowledgement

Turtle Island (North America) is the ancestral homeland of Indigenous peoples of First Nation, Métis, and Inuit descent.  We recognize that across this land Indigenous rights holders have endured historical oppression and continue to experience inequities that have resulted from the widespread colonialist systems and ideologies that perpetuate harm to Indigenous peoples to this day.


african ancestral acknowledgment

We acknowledge those who came here as settlers — as migrants either in this generation or in generations past — and those of us who came here involuntarily, particularly those brought to these lands as a result of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade and Slavery. We pay tribute to ancestors of African origin and descent and thank them for their contributions towards transforming systems in ways that promote everyone’s sense of belonging and safety.

A group of Indigenous people smiling and looking up, photo courtesy of CIRA


Through self-reflection, and an organization-wide commitment and ongoing EDIJR activities, The Institute and the persons within it commit to greater awareness, building intention, respect, and reciprocity into the relationships we hold with Indigenous rights holders as we deepen our understanding, responsibilities, and commitments of reconciliation.

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We extend our gratitude to CIRA for generously providing access to their Indigenous stock photo library.
This enables us to contribute towards bridging the Indigenous representation gap online. Our goal is to authentically
convey the diversity of Indigenous communities across Turtle Island (North America),
like the ones we so proudly and humbly work with.


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