Contacting Tamarack

Tamarack Institute is a remote organization with decentralized offices across the country so that our team can work within their own communities - this is great for quality of life and for the environment. Please meet our team and reach out directly to the most appropriate person. If you're not sure – take a guess! We'd love to hear from you and are happy to help you connect with the right person.

If you're stuck, you can email our general account at or call us at 519-885-5155.


Find Us

Our central office and mailing address is Tamarack Institute, University of Waterloo Kindred Credit Union Centre for Peace Advancement at:

Conrad Grebel University College
140 Westmount Road North
Waterloo, Ontario, N2L 3G6
Tel: 519-885-5155


Contacting the Team

Paul BornCo-CEO Tamarack & Director, Vibrant Communities
t. 519-954-5325 e.

Liz WeaverCo-CEO Tamarack & Strategic Lead, Tamarack Learning Centre
t. 519-647-2963 e.

Sylvia CheuyConsulting Director, Community Engagement, Tamarack Learning Centre
t. 416-988-6887 e.

Lisa AttygalleConsulting Director, Community Engagement, Tamarack Learning Centre
t. 226-220-6242 e. 

Pamela TeitelbaumConsulting Director, Evaluating Impact, Tamarack Learning Centre
t. 514-591-1117 e. 

Jane Humphries, Director, Operations, Tamarack Learning Centre
t. 226-220-4056 e.

Jana Harris, Senior Manager/ Team Lead, Finance & Operations
t. 519-590-5371 e.

Justin Williams, Team Lead, Communications and Stakeholders, Vibrant Communities
t. 519-574-9299 e. 

Alison Homer, Manager of Cities – Cities Reducing Poverty, Vibrant Communities
t. 778.839.4765 e.

Natasha Pei, Manager of Cities  Cities Reducing Poverty, Vibrant Communities
t. 613-236-9300 x 304 e. 

Elle Richards, Manager of Cities  Cities Reducing Poverty, Vibrant Communities
t. 226-821-2861  e. 

Heather KeamManager of Cities – Cities Deepening Community, Vibrant Communities
t. 519-755-1306 e.

Glenda CooperManager of Cities – Cities Deepening Community, Vibrant Communities
t. 250-803-6583 e.

Stephanie Murray, Event Manager, Tamarack Learning Centre
t. 905-429-7833 e.

Megan WanlessSenior Community Animator, Marketing and Communications
on maternity leave

Ruté Ojigbo, Community Animator, Digital Engagement & Marketing
t. 519-998-9219 e. 

Hannah MacDonaldCommunity Animator, Vibrant Communities
t. 705-440-1314 e.

Duncan Field, Community Animator, Tamarack Learning Centre
t. 905-580-7085 e. 

Jack Gibbings, Community Animator, Collective Impact, Tamarack Learning Centre
t. 519-955-1196 e. 

Mikayla McNulty, Community Animator, Finance & Administration
t. 519-572-0631 e. 

Community Change Festival

Sept 30 - Oct 3 | Vancouver, BC

Join changemakers from near and far to deepen your knowledge of the 5 practices needed to move your community change agenda from idea to action to impact. Go deep into one practice area or advance your skills in all five. 

Equip Yourself as a Changemaker