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Journey Map

Collective Impact, Tools

The early phases of a collective impact journey are often focused internally on developing the leadership team, connecting with the community...

Collective Impact: Year One Action Plan Framework

Collective Impact, Tools

This framework provides you with an in depth look at what it is that you are trying to work on. The tool is comprised of questions that will help...

Collective Impact: Year One Action Plan Summary

Collective Impact, Tools

This tool provides an outline for defining a one year action plan for your collective impact initiative. It helps outline and determine the gaps,...

Pre-Condition: Defining Our Issue

Collective Impact, Tools

This tool invites you to think about the critical work of clarifying, and reaching agreement on, the scope and reach of your Collective Impact...

Collective Impact: Self-Assessment and Planning Tool

Collective Impact, Tools

The Self-Assessment Planning Tool and Work Plan can be a reference tool for each of the five phases of the collective impact process. 

Collaborate: 5 Ideas to Consider

Collective Impact, Collaborative Leadership, Tools

When organizations attempt to develop large-scale collaborations in an effort to impact systemic change, two issues typically arise early in the...

How to befriend your nemesis

Collective Impact, Collaborative Leadership, Community Development, Tools

“Us” versus “them” is a luxury we cannot afford when we seek solutions to intractable problems. Reframing our perceptions of "the other" is...

Systems Change: Complexity & Collaborative Leadership

Collaborative Leadership, Tools

This is a rare Powerpoint prepared by Brenda Zimmerman to discuss complexity and collaborative leadership. Simple, complicated and complex issues...

Collaborative Leadership

Collaborative Leadership, Tools

This presentation developed by the Community Tool Box offers a great overview of the practice of Collaborative Leadership. 

Collaborative Leadership: Self-Assessment Questionnaires

Collaborative Leadership, Tools

The Turning Point Collaborative Leadership Self-Assessment Questionnaires are intended to help individuals focus on and evaluate key behaviours...

Designing a Community Building Initiative

Community Development, Deepening Community, Tools

"Exemplary Materials For Designing a Community Building Initiative in a Neighbourhood" were developed cooperatively by the Woodlawn Organization,...

Engaging your Community: A Toolkit for Museums

Community Engagement, Tools

Engaging your Community: A Toolkit for Museums is a process through which individual museums can work with their communities to assess their...

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