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Top 10 Examples of the Growing Movement to Deepen Community in 2017

There is some amazing work that is being done in neighbourhoods all across Canada. In this article, we wanted to highlight some of the inspiring stories about work that happened in 2017, and provide resources to fuel your...

Painting a Picture from Many Angles

As we approach the upcoming holiday season, a reoccurring theme of narrative comes flooding through my mind in a series of palpable examples. When I think about what I want to read or engage with during this reflective time...

The (Mostly) Certitudes of Change

All things considered, I prefer sameness in my personal life. Okay, actually, I really like the comfort of my personal routine when I am at home.



The Community Innovation Imperative

PAPER | Developing innovation capacity within our communities and the non-profit sector has now become a strategic imperative. With the array of complex challenges now confronting communities, the solutions we need will not...

Evaluation Tools for Community Engagement Webinar

WEBINAR | In this webinar Tamarack's resident evaluation practitioner, Liz Weaver, shares some of her favourite tools for evaluating the impact and outcomes of your community engagement efforts. The tools covered include the...

Most Significant Change

TOOL | This tool will help guide you through the Most Significant Change process.  This technique is a form of participatory monitoring and evaluation. It is participatory because many project stakeholders are involved both...


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Cities Reducing Poverty

Cities Reducing Poverty is a collective impact movement aimed at reducing poverty for 1 million Canadians through the efforts of local multi-sector roundtables and the alignment of poverty reduction strategies at the municipal, provincial and federal levels.

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Cities Deepening Community

Cities Deepening Community is dedicated to developing our collective understanding about the power of citizens and supporting programs, policies and practices that strengthen communities and neighbourhoods and mobilize citizen leadership to enhance social capital.

The Latest from Cities Deepening Community:
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