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OTF Collective Impact Shared Measurement

Collective Impact, Webinars & Videos

What does it take to know you are making an impact?  This webinar explores how to build shared measurement strategies into your collective work...

The Art of Disruption

Community Engagement, Webinars & Videos

Join Paul Born and Liz Weaver as they discuss the emerging ideas and strategies that are disrupting how communities are responding to the complex...

Collective Impact: Common Agenda

Collective Impact, Webinars & Videos

How do you build a Common Agenda? Sylvia Cheuy, Director of Deepening Community at Tamarack, talks about the factors that you will need to...

Transformative Celebration, The Commons and Thrivability

Community Engagement, Webinars & Videos

Michael Jones and his conversation partners offer a richly textured and multidisciplinary examination of place. Too often, the places we create...

Evaluations That Work: What the Non-Profit Sector Can Learn from the Ontario Nonprofit Network and Vibrant Communities

Evaluating Community Impact, Webinars & Videos, Evaluation

Evaluations “work” when they lead to insight and action. We all know that the process can be resource-intensive, so it is important for us to...

Ontario Trillium Foundation: Intro to Collective Impact

Collective Impact, Webinars & Videos

Liz Weaver discusses the three pre-conditions of collective impact, and the five main conditions of collective impact. She also discusses the...

Neighbourhood Strategy Leaders Lethbridge

Collaborative Leadership, Webinars & Videos

Jerry Firth talks about how Lethbridge has utilized key players to strengthen its neighbourhoods. Leadership within these communities plays a...

Pre-conditions for Collective Impact

Collective Impact, Webinars & Videos

This webinar focuses on recruiting influential champions, understanding the urgency of the issue, and determining what resources are required to...

Belonging, Enlivement, and Wellbeing

Deepening Community, Webinars & Videos

Michael, Daphne, Kim and Steve explore the possibility of a worldview that is in harmony with nature, the realization that we are all part of...

Communities of Belonging Part 2: Place-making and Reconciliation

Deepening Community, Webinars & Videos

Michael, Catherine, Erin and Bill explore the possibility of a worldview that is in harmony with nature, and the truth that we are all part of...

Resilience and Money

Deepening Community, Webinars & Videos, Vibrant Communities

Milton Friesen interviews Brian Dijkema as they discuss the often muted perspectives into the social dimensions of payday loans and explore the...

Collective Impact: Community Readiness

Collective Impact, Webinars & Videos

In this clip, Liz Weaver talks about the many levels of complexity within our communities, and how collective impact can benefit these...


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