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Developing Collective Impact Strategies

Collective Impact, Articles

This article, written by Mark Holmgren, contains tools and approaches designed to help with the development of Collective Impact strategies and is...

Turning Curves, Achieving Results

Evaluating Community Impact, Articles

REPORT | Turning Curves, Achieving Results uses the lens of Results-Based Accountability (RBA) to examine how Annie E. Casey Foundation Fellows...

Collective Impact & Shared Measurement

Collective Impact, Evaluating Community Impact, Articles

ARTICLE | This article provides an overview of shared measurement, why it’s important, and things to consider when working on your shared...

Nine Emerging & Connected Leadership Principles

Collaborative Leadership, Articles

This article, adapted from Edgeware: Lessons From Complexity Science for Health Care Leaders, by Brenda Zimmerman, Curt Lindberg, and Paul...

Are You a Collaborative Leader?

Collaborative Leadership, Articles

Business people today are working more collaboratively than ever before, not just inside companies but also with suppliers, customers,...

8 Tips for Collaborative Leadership

Collaborative Leadership, Articles

Today’s corporations exist in an increasingly complex and ever-shifting ocean of change. As a result, leaders need to rely more than ever on the...

Collaborative Leadership and Criminal Justice

Collaborative Leadership, Articles

In this article by Madeline M. Carter, she argues that leaders cannot lead those who choose not to follow. As such, to be effective, leaders must...

The Leaderful Church

Collaborative Leadership, Articles

In this article, Paul Born calls for a new paradigm for leadership in the Mennonite church. This new way is about collective leadership, about the...

Collaboration: The New Leadership

Collaborative Leadership, Articles

This full title of this article is Collaboration: The New Leadership | Joe Flower's conversation with David Chrislip. 

The New Civic Leadership

Collaborative Leadership, Articles

In this article, David Chrislip writes that we need a new form of leadership for the civic arena. This leadership must come from new and diverse...

Leading with an Open Heart

Collaborative Leadership, Articles

Leadership has never been easy, but at the beginning of the twenty-first century, it is tougher than ever. As a nation, we are challenged by the...

Social Infrastructure: Underpinning Success

Articles, Social Infrastructure, Community Innovation

This insightful article "Social Infrastructure: Underpinning the success of Cities" discusses the patterns and dynamics at work in our communities...

Community Engagement workshopAdaptive Leadership Masterclass | VAN, CGY, EDM, TOR, OTT

Does your work involve complex cross sector or community collaborations? Are you looking to learn practical and effective skills that will help you and your teams collaborate better – deal with conflict, challenge old ways of working, respond to diverse views, create shared meaning, and plan for the future – all while working together to make a collective impact?

This intensive Masterclass will equip you with the tools, processes and most importantly the leadership practice to make a real and meaningful change, through your own collaborative initiative.

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