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Collaborative Leadership

The Ontario Student Grant: A Case Study in Collaboration

Collaborative Leadership, Webinars & Videos

This spring, the Government of Ontario embarked on the single largest modernization to Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) ever, making...

Neighbourhood Strategy Leaders Lethbridge

Collaborative Leadership, Webinars & Videos

Jerry Firth talks about how Lethbridge has utilized key players to strengthen its neighbourhoods. Leadership within these communities plays a...

Collaborate: 5 Ideas to Consider

Collective Impact, Collaborative Leadership, Tools

When organizations attempt to develop large-scale collaborations in an effort to impact systemic change, two issues typically arise early in the...

(Im)possible Leadership

Collaborative Leadership, Publications

As leaders of change initiatives or organizations, we seek to make a difference in the world – to effect change that impacts the lives of others....

How to befriend your nemesis

Collective Impact, Collaborative Leadership, Community Development, Tools

“Us” versus “them” is a luxury we cannot afford when we seek solutions to intractable problems. Reframing our perceptions of "the other" is...

Systems Change: Complexity & Collaborative Leadership

Collaborative Leadership, Tools

This is a rare Powerpoint prepared by Brenda Zimmerman to discuss complexity and collaborative leadership. Simple, complicated and complex issues...

Nine Emerging & Connected Leadership Principles

Collaborative Leadership, Articles

This article, adapted from Edgeware: Lessons From Complexity Science for Health Care Leaders, by Brenda Zimmerman, Curt Lindberg, and Paul...

Are You a Collaborative Leader?

Collaborative Leadership, Articles

Businesspeople today are working more collaboratively than ever before, not just inside companies but also with suppliers, customers, governments,...

8 Tips for Collaborative Leadership

Collaborative Leadership, Articles

Today’s corporations exist in an increasingly complex and ever-shifting ocean of change. As a result, leaders need to rely more than ever on the...

Collaborative Leadership and Criminal Justice

Collaborative Leadership, Articles

In this article by Madeline M. Carter, she argues that leaders cannot lead those who choose not to follow. As such, to be effective, leaders must...

Leadership Styles for Success in Collaborative Work

Collaborative Leadership, Publications

This paper by W. Roger Miller and Jeffrey P. Miller explores the challenges and traits of successful non-profit collaborative partnerships. The...

Collaborative Leadership

Collaborative Leadership, Tools

This presentation developed by the Community Tool Box offers a great overview of the practice of Collaborative Leadership. 

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