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Collective Impact

Journey Map

Collective Impact, Tools

The early phases of a collective impact journey are often focused internally on developing the leadership team, connecting with the community...

Sustaining Collective Impact

Collective Impact, Workshops

This slide deck was created by Liz Weaver for the 2015 Champions for Change workshop for backbone leaders and focuses on the challenge facing many...

Collective Impact 3.0 | A Webinar

Collective Impact, Webinars & Videos

The practice of collaboration has evolved since the first article about collective impact went viral in 2011.  Many communities are implementing...

Collective Impact 3.0

Collective Impact, Publications, Liz Weaver, Mark Cabaj

As part of our Community Change Series 2016, Mark Cabaj and Liz Weaver put forward fresh thinking around five ways to build the next iteration of...

Collective Impact: Continuous Communication

Collective Impact, Webinars & Videos

In this webinar, Mark Holmgren discusses the need to establish both formal and informal mechanisms for keeping people informed about the progress...

The Opportunity Youth Network | A Collective Impact Initiative

Collective Impact, Webinars & Videos

Steve Patrick, Vice President and Executive Director of the The Aspen Forum for Community Solutions and Jamiel Alexander, Community Organizer and...

Collective Impact: Shared Measurement

Collective Impact, Webinars & Videos

What does it take to know you are making an impact?  This webinar explores how to build shared measurement strategies into your collective work...

Collective Impact: Common Agenda

Collective Impact, Webinars & Videos

How do you build a Common Agenda? Sylvia Cheuy, Director of Deepening Community at Tamarack, talks about the factors that you will need to...

Ontario Trillium Foundation: Intro to Collective Impact

Collective Impact, Webinars & Videos

Liz Weaver discusses the three pre-conditions of collective impact, and the five main conditions of collective impact. She also discusses the...

Pre-conditions for Collective Impact

Collective Impact, Webinars & Videos

This webinar focuses on recruiting influential champions, understanding the urgency of the issue, and determining what resources are required to...

Collective Impact: Community Readiness

Collective Impact, Webinars & Videos

In this clip, Liz Weaver talks about the many levels of complexity within our communities, and how collective impact can benefit these...

Collective Impact 101

Collective Impact, Webinars & Videos

Sylvia Cheuy discusses three shifts in mindset that an individual will experience as they begin to work in a way they never have before. Each of...

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