Tamarack Team

Meet the Team

The Tamarack Team leverages a de-centralized workplace model so that we can work within our own communities - this is great for our quality of life and for the environment. Meet our team and contact us directly. 

Paul Born

Co-CEO Tamarack
& Director, Vibrant Communities

Galen MacLusky

Consulting Director, Community Innovation,
Tamarack Learning Centre

Alison Homer

Manager of Cities - Cities Reducing Poverty, Vibrant Communities

Duncan Field

Community Animator, Tamarack Learning Centre

Stephanie Murray

Event Manager,
Tamarack Learning Centre

Liz Weaver

Co-CEO Tamarack
& Strategic Lead, Tamarack Learning Centre

Jane Humphries

Director, Tamarack Learning Centre Operations

Megan Wanless

Senior Community Animator,
Marketing and Communications

Adam Vasey

Director of Policy, Learning & Evaluation, Vibrant Communities

Natasha Pei

Coordinator of Administration and Communications, Vibrant Communities

Sylvia Cheuy

Consulting Director,
Collective Impact,
Tamarack Learning Centre

Kirsti Battista

Senior Manager, Operations, Learning and Cities, Vibrant Communities

Jana Harris

Manager, Administration & Finance

Hannah Cowan

Community Animator, Administration & Finance

Ruté Ojigbo

Community Animator, Administration & Communications

Lisa Attygalle

Consulting Director, Community Engagement,
Tamarack Learning Centre

Heather Keam

Manager of Cities – Cities Deepening Community, Vibrant Communities

Justin Williams

Managing Assistant,
Vibrant Communities

Jack Gibbings

Community Animator, Collective Impact, Tamarack Learning Centre

Collective Impact: Leading Theory to Action

A Train-the-Trainer Workshop

This 2-day workshop is designed to build your capacity to mobilize, launch and sustain Collective Impact Initiatives by providing you with theory, resources and opportunities to practice with – and learn from – your peers.

Collective Impact: Leading Theory to Action is specially designed for backbone staff and/or consultants and facilitators supporting Collective Impact efforts.  Participants will be immersed in Collective Impact content that will increase their ability to train others by providing capacity building learning to their leadership tables and community volunteers. 

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