Tamarack Team

Meet the Team

The Tamarack Team leverages a de-centralized workplace model so that we can work within our own communities - this is great for our quality of life and for the environment. Meet our team and contact us directly. 

Mark Holmgren

Vibrant Communities

Marc Gammal

Community Animator, Learning Centre

Jana Harris

Manager, Administration & Finance

Zoe Fleming

Community Animator,
Learning Centre (on leave)

Kristine Culp

Associate Director,
Strategic Engagement

Heather Keam

Community Animator, Learning Centre

Stephanie Murray

Community Animator
Learning Centre

Sylvia Cheuy

Deepening Community

Kirsti Battista

Vibrant Communities

Megan Wanless

Community Animator,

Alison Homer

Manager, Learning, Evaluation and Policy

Natasha Pei

Community Animator,
Vibrant Communities

Devon Kerslake

Community Animator, Learning Centre

Mary Allen

Community Animator, Finance & Administration

Register for Evaluating Community Impact

This three-day workshop is intended to provide those who are funding, planning and implementing community change initiatives with an opportunity to learn the latest and most practical evaluation ideas, practices and tools. It will be taking place in Hamilton, Canada this November 15-17, and has a brand new curriculm and workshop format.

Learn more about this workshop