Tamarack Team

Meet the Team

The Tamarack Team leverages a de-centralized workplace model so that we can work within our own communities - this is great for our quality of life and for the environment. Meet our team and contact us directly. 

Paul Born

Co-CEO Tamarack
& Director, Vibrant Communities

Galen MacLusky

Consulting Director, Community Innovation

Alison Homer

Manager of Cities - Cities Reducing Poverty, Vibrant Communities

Duncan Field

Community Animator, Tamarack Learning Centre

Liz Weaver

Co-CEO Tamarack
& Strategic Lead, Tamarack Learning Centre

Jane Humphries

Director, Tamarack Learning Centre Operations

Megan Wanless

Senior Community Animator,
Marketing and Communications

Adam Vasey

Director of Policy, Learning & Evaluation, Vibrant Communities

Stephanie Murray

Event Manager,
Tamarack Learning Centre

Sylvia Cheuy

Consulting Director,
Collective Impact

Kirsti Battista

Senior Manager, Operations, Learning and Cities, Vibrant Communities

Jana Harris

Manager, Administration & Finance

Hannah Cowan

Community Animator, Administration & Finance

Natasha Pei

Coordinator of Administration and Communications, Vibrant Communities

Lisa Attygalle

Consulting Director, Community Engagement

Heather Keam

Manager of Cities – Cities Deepening Community, Vibrant Communities

Leena Sharma Seth

Manager of Cities, Ontario & Québec

Justin Williams

Managing Assistant,
Vibrant Communities

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