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Disruptive Leadership: Building Capacity for Changing Communities

Publications, Community Innovation

Liz Weaver explores the notion of disruption and how it relates to the voluntary and community sector in this new paper from Tamarack's Community...

The Case for Cultivating Community Resilience

Deepening Community, Publications

As part of our Community Change Series 2016, Sylvia Cheuy explores the concept of community resilience - what it is and why it matters - in her...

Sometimes to Hear the Music you Have to Turn Down the Noise | A Game-Changer Approach to Poverty Reduction Strategy and Evaluation

Evaluating Community Impact, Publications, Mark Holmgren, Vibrant Communities

From a poverty reduction perspective, we are inundated with the voices of our clients, our funders and donors, our colleagues, governments at all...

Our Community Can Change

Community Engagement, Publications, Paul Born

As part of our Community Change Series 2016, Paul Born provides thinking around five core ideas to create community change: collective impact,...

Collective Impact 3.0

Collective Impact, Publications, Liz Weaver, Mark Cabaj

As part of our Community Change Series 2016, Mark Cabaj and Liz Weaver put forward fresh thinking around five ways to build the next iteration of...

Engage! Magazine

Community Engagement, Publications

At our 2015 Collective Impact Summit in Vancouver we unveiled our first-ever 80-page issue of Engage! magazine. The theme of Engage! is "Possible"...

(Im)possible Leadership

Collaborative Leadership, Publications

As leaders of change initiatives or organizations, we seek to make a difference in the world – to effect change that impacts the lives of others....

Deepening Community: Realizing the Potential of Citizen Leadership

Deepening Community, Publications

While humans are hardwired to live in community, evidence shows that our actual experiences of being in community have been steadily declining...


Community Development, Publications

In this publication Paul Born explores the idea of 'possible' in the work of community change. He makes the argument that there is a...

Transformational change is possible

Collective Impact, Publications

Getting to transformational change, getting to possible, is not the easy path. In this article, Liz Weaver calls for a new kind of leader and a...

When we learn and change together

Community Development, Publications

This article explores learning communities and their ability to create spaces for people to learn together and, when taken to scale change a...

Leadership Styles for Success in Collaborative Work

Collaborative Leadership, Publications

This paper by W. Roger Miller and Jeffrey P. Miller explores the challenges and traits of successful non-profit collaborative partnerships. The...

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