2019 ESC 820

Evaluation + Design: Evaluating Systems Change

Ottawa, ON | May 22-23

Evaluation + Design: Evaluating Systems Change is a two-day workshop designed to help you integrate innovation and design techniques with developmental evaluation. By combining both design and evaluation techniques, you'll return to your organization with a diverse toolset that will boost your capacity to drive and evaluate changes to the systems that form the base of complex community challenges.

Featuring Mark Cabaj, Galen MacLusky, and a special guest address from evaluation pioneer Michael Quinn Patton, this workshop is coming to Ottawa, ON May 22-23.

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ABCD: Healthy Neighbourhoods, Healthy Cities

Edmonton, AB | May 28-30

This workshop will bring together over 250 community and neighbourhood development practitioners to explore the use of Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD) and explore leading neighbourhood revitalizing techniques. We have brought together for the first time seven of the world’s top authors and practitioners in the field who will offer the opportunity for learners to earn a masters certificate in either Asset-Based Community Development or Neighbourhood Revitalization.

In addition to master classes, we will offer learners the opportunity to take up to 20 highly practical workshops including four experiential neighbourhood tours. We have chosen to host this gathering in Edmonton, AB which is home to neighbourhood leagues that have existed for nearly 100 years and also the newly formed ABCD neighbourhoods - a highly innovative revitalization strategy.

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2019 CCF 820 (1)


Community Change Festival

Vancouver, BC | September 30 - October 3

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Join changemakers from near and far to deepen your knowledge of the 5 practices needed to move your community change agenda from idea to action to impact. Go deep into one practice area or advance your skills in all five.

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One Day Workshops

2019 GRE Banner 820

Respectful Engagement: Strategies for Engaging Equity-Seeking Populations

Guelph, ON | May 14

Learn how to effectively engage and empower equity-seeking populations in your community

This workshop will provide an opportunity for you to learn more about the theory and practice behind engaging equity-seeking populations in your community (e.g., rural youth, members of the LGBTQ2+ community, Indigenous communities), identify the community connections and relationships that are required for effective engagement, and share resources and learnings with each other.

Through a mix of presentations, interactive exercises, and reflection, you'll learn tangible ways that you can engage these populations in a safe, respectful, and collaborative way.

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Did you know that anyone can bring a Tamarack workshop to their community? Tamarack has a great lineup of Single Day Workshops, Facilitators and Topics for you and your team to choose from. Learn more about 2019 workshop offerings here:

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Tamarack hosts a number of free webinars throughout the year featuring the latest ideas and thought-leaders from the field of community change. By registering for a webinar, you can participate live or gain access to the recording and presentation slides and resources after the broadcast. Click on the below links to learn more and register for each of our upcoming webinars.

Tamarack Webinars


Principles and Practices of Asset-Based Community Development
Date: April 30, 2019
Speakers: John McKnight and Cormac Russell


Building Inclusive Communities
Date: May 9, 2019
Speaker: Jim Diers


Overcoming Power and Privilege in Community Change
Date: May 28, 2019 
Speakers: George Aye and Galen MacLusky


Bridging the Gap: Repairing Relationships for Stronger Community Engagement
Date: June 11, 2019 
Speakers: Lisa Attygalle and Galen MacLusky

Communities of Practice

What is a Community of Practice (CoP)?

Tamarack's Communities of Practices are small, interactive groups of practitioners who connect monthly or bi-monthly through an online meeting to share their experiences, tools, ideas and challenges in order to learn ways they can grow and expand their work. The sessions are open and relevant to anyone working on a complex social issue.

Why Join a Community of Practice?

Joining a CoP can help you deepen your knowledge and professional connections around a focused aspect of your work. When you join a CoP, you will have the opportunity to influence the overall learning agenda (i.e. meeting topics) based on your own learning needs and priorities. Through actively contributing to the agendas and meeting discussions, you'll be able to access a community of like-minded peers who can help you expand and develop your own thinking and practice as it relates to your work.

How do I join?

Review the list below and click on a CoP title that is relevant to you. You will be taken to a page with more information about that CoP as well as the form to register.

Still have questions?

Review our CoP Frequently Asked Questions page.


Measuring Poverty Reduction

For individuals who want to dig deeper into evaluation-related strategies, techniques and tools that they can apply to their own poverty reduction efforts.


Municipal Government for Poverty Reduction

For municipal or regional government staff responsible for, or directly involved in, poverty reduction efforts in their official governmental capacity.


Provincial Government for Poverty Reduction

For government representatives of all provinces and territories who are responsible for, or directly involved in, poverty reduction efforts in their official governmental capacity.

Living Wage

For key staff or volunteers who are actively involved in a living wage campaign or are in the early stages of considering or implementing the living wage in their Canadian community.


BC Communities Reducing Poverty

For BC members to connect, collaborate, and share experiences, best practices and lessons learned pertaining to community-based poverty reduction in BC.


Vibrant Communities City Convenors

For individuals who belong to the Vibrant Communities Canada - Cities Reducing Poverty network to share ideas and information about their local poverty reduction efforts.

Neighbourhood Strategy Leaders

For the leaders responsible for developing and supporting the implementation of robust neighbourhood strategies, policies and plans.


Local Deepening Community Initiative

For local Deepening Community partner communities to share highlights from their experiences and dialogue about the impacts of these action-learning projects.

Citizens & Emergency Preparedness

For individuals committed to sharing and learning from one another to accelerate their collective understanding of the role of citizens and communities in preparing for emergencies.

Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD)

For individuals who are applying or are seeking to apply an Asset-Based Community Development approach to their work by engaging with helpful tools or resources.

2019 Calendar


Collective Impact: Leading Theory to Action

Toronto, ON | March 19-20


Citizens at the Centre: A Community Engagement Thought-Leader Series

Halifax, NS | May 1

Ottawa, ON | May 2

Toronto, ON | May 3

Calgary, AB | May 6

Vancouver, BC | May 7


Respectful Engagement: Strategies for Engaging Equity-Seeking Populations

Guelph, ON | May 14


Evaluation + Design: Evaluating Systems Change

Ottawa, ON | May 22-23


ABCD: Healthy Neighbourhoods, Healthy Cities

Edmonton, AB | May 28-30


Principles-Focused Evaluation

Toronto, ON | Sept 9

Ottawa, ON | Sept 11

Montreal, QC | Sept 12


Community Change Festival

Vancouver, BC | Sept 30 - Oct 3


Collective Impact: Leading Theory to Action 

Edmonton, AB | November 5-6


Community Innovation Lab

Toronto, ON | November 13-15




“I believe that Tamarack is the authority on community engagement and development. The information presented points the way but is not prescriptive, which gives us the power to figure it out ourselves.”

-2016 Community Engagement participant


"Loved being able to work with people from a very different sectors it made it less intense to share my own evaluation questions/challenges- thanks so much for a great workshop

- 2016 Evaluating Community Impact participant


"This conference has been an amazing experience! It was interactive and accessible with top notch speakers and presenters and a presence of at least 2 levels of government."

-2016 Mayors Summit participant


“Thank you for a fabulous experience! This is truly changing the direction and development of my personal objectives towards community change!”

- 2015 Collective Impact Summit participant


“This was eye opening, inspiring, and overwhelming all at the same time. So much is possible- we just need to start somewhere.  Thank you for being such wonderful hosts!”

- 2015 Neighbours: Policies & Programs participant


"This was the BEST gathering of thinkers and doers that I have been part of in 20 yrs."

- 2014 Collective Impact Summit participant


Bring a Tamarack Workshop to Your Community

Tamarack offers a variety of single-day workshops, facilitators, and topics to help your community accelerate their impact. We offer learning related to Collective ImpactCommunity EngagementCollaborative LeadershipCommunity Innovation, and Evaluating Impact

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