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Community Engagement

Engage for Impact: Masterclass Slidedeck

Community Engagement, Workshops

In October 2016, Collaborating for Impact and Together SA hosted a series of Masterclasses across Australia. Liz Weaver joined Australian...

Our Community Can Change

Community Engagement, Publications, Paul Born

As part of our Community Change Series 2016, Paul Born provides thinking around five core ideas to create community change: collective impact,...

Breaking the Silos

Community Engagement, Webinars & Videos

Severn Cullis-Suzuki explores the importance of disrupting what separates us in order to work together to understand and address the...

The Art of Disruption

Community Engagement, Webinars & Videos

Join Paul Born and Liz Weaver as they discuss the emerging ideas and strategies that are disrupting how communities are responding to the complex...

Transformative Celebration, The Commons and Thrivability

Community Engagement, Webinars & Videos

Michael Jones and his conversation partners offer a richly textured and multidisciplinary examination of place. Too often, the places we create...

Engage! Magazine

Community Engagement, Publications

At our 2015 Collective Impact Summit in Vancouver we unveiled our first-ever 80-page issue of Engage! magazine. The theme of Engage! is "Possible"...

Civic Stewardship

Community Engagement, Deepening Community, Community Building, Civic Engagement

On this Neighbourliness Community of Practice call, Bill Snyder of Civic Stewardship Initiative (CSI) presents some of his work and experiences in...

Little Red Hen - Paradox of Community Engagement

Community Engagement, Articles

Remember the story of the Little Red Hen who tried to engage her friends to help her to plant wheat and then harvest it, make flour and eventually...

Forward: How Technology Improves Community Engagement

Community Engagement, Publications

This Tamarack publication explores how new technologies are lending freshperspectives and putting power back into the hands of communities.

Strengthening Public Engagement in Edmonton

Community Engagement

This document summarizes the state of the art in public engagement, and relates these lessons and innovations to the Edmonton experience. The...

MASSLBP is Reinventing Public Consultation

Community Engagement

This slide deck was prepared by Alex Way from MASSLBP and provides a new look at public consultation. 

Roundtable: Community Engagement, Collective Impact

Community Engagement, Collective Impact

Collective impact efforts are often discussed in terms of organizations or sectors, such as business, nonprofit, government, and philanthropy....

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