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Community Development

The Dynamics of Social Change

Community Development, Webinars & Videos, Community Innovation

On the cover of Getting to Maybe - How the World Is Changed, a book co-authored by Frances Westley, readers are so boldly told "This book is for...

Innovation Starts with People

Community Development, Webinars & Videos, Community Innovation

Australia and Canada share much in common. Australia has one of the highest levels of median wealth in the world, yet poverty and poor outcomes...

Gearing up for Social Impact: The DIY Toolkit

Community Development, Webinars & Videos

Tim Draimin and Brenton Caffin discuss the creation and development of Nesta's DIY toolkit. They also examine the ways in which it can be used...

How to befriend your nemesis

Collective Impact, Collaborative Leadership, Community Development, Tools

“Us” versus “them” is a luxury we cannot afford when we seek solutions to intractable problems. Reframing our perceptions of "the other" is...


Community Development, Publications

In this publication Paul Born explores the idea of 'possible' in the work of community change. He makes the argument that there is a...

When we learn and change together

Community Development, Publications

This article explores learning communities and their ability to create spaces for people to learn together and, when taken to scale change a...

Creating Abundant Communities

Community Development, Deepening Community, Webinars & Videos, ABCD

In this podcast, two compelling thinkers – John McKnight and Peter Block – share some of their ideas for awakening the power of neighbourhoods and...

Designing a Community Building Initiative

Community Development, Deepening Community, Tools

"Exemplary Materials For Designing a Community Building Initiative in a Neighbourhood" were developed cooperatively by the Woodlawn Organization,...

Discovering Community Power

Community Development, Publications, ABCD

"Discovering Community Power: A Guide to Mobilizing Local Assests and Your Organization's Capacity" was designed to introduce a series of...

The Alchemy of Vulnerability and Care

Community Development, Deepening Community

In this beautifully written story, Vickie Cammack explores the power of transmuting vulnerabilities into the potent force of caring.

Social Infrastructure: Underpinning Success

Community Development, Articles, Social Infrastructure

This insightful article "Social Infrastructure: Underpinning the success of Cities" discusses the patterns and dynamics at work in our communities...

A Basic Guide to ABCD Community Organizing

Community Development, Deepening Community, Publications, ABCD

This resourceful guide walks you through how to identify and celebrate community culture, the possibilities and power of individual and collective...

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