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Deepening Community

The Case for Cultivating Community Resilience

Deepening Community, Publications

As part of our Community Change Series 2016, Sylvia Cheuy explores the concept of community resilience - what it is and why it matters - in her...

Caring is Life: A Keynote Address

Deepening Community, ABCD, Keynote Address, caring

A moving keynote address that holds the importance of care at the centre. Vickie Cammack and Al Etmanski discuss communal gardening and other acts...

Belonging, Enlivement, and Wellbeing

Deepening Community, Webinars & Videos

Michael, Daphne, Kim and Steve explore the possibility of a worldview that is in harmony with nature, the realization that we are all part of...

Communities of Belonging Part 2: Place-making and Reconciliation

Deepening Community, Webinars & Videos

Michael, Catherine, Erin and Bill explore the possibility of a worldview that is in harmony with nature, and the truth that we are all part of...

Resilience and Money

Deepening Community, Webinars & Videos, Vibrant Communities

Milton Friesen interviews Brian Dijkema as they discuss the often muted perspectives into the social dimensions of payday loans and explore the...

Communities of Belonging

Deepening Community, Webinars & Videos

In this webinar, Michael, Sophia and Heidi explore the larger canvas of place and place-making and, in so doing, make visible some of the patterns...

Resilience and Measurement

Deepening Community, Webinars & Videos

Milton Friesen speaks with Josh Yates about the Thriving Cities Project, which is developing a new paradigm for urban analysis, community...

Resilience and Space

Deepening Community, Webinars & Videos

Milton Friesen discusses the 8-80 Cities initiative with Emily Munroe. 8-80 Cities is a non-profit organization that is focused on making cities...

An Other Kingdom

Deepening Community, Webinars & Videos

Authors Peter Block, Walter Brueggemann, and John McKnight engage an intimate conversation about their new book, An Other Kingdom. The authors...

Abundant Community Edmonton

Deepening Community, Webinars & Videos

Howard Lawrence and Anne Harvey give praise to the innovators and activators of this unique neighbourhood-building framework that Edmonton has...

Deepening Community Local Initiatives

Deepening Community, Webinars & Videos

Sylvia Cheuy discusses local initiatives that relate to deepening community, and talks about the need for different sectors to work together...

Deepening Community: Realizing the Potential of Citizen Leadership

Deepening Community, Publications

While humans are hardwired to live in community, evidence shows that our actual experiences of being in community have been steadily declining...

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