OTF Diving Deeper Webinar Series: Shared Measurement

Evaluating Community Impact, Webinars & Videos, Evaluation, Shared Measurement

WEBINAR | In transformative community change efforts, collaborative tables often face challenges with outlining the measures that will show how...

OTF Diving Deeper Webinar Series: Developing an Evaluation Plan

Collective Impact, Webinars & Videos, Evaluation

WEBINAR | The development of evaluation plans often seem tedious and routine. They are typically written as part of funding applications and then...

FAQ | Principles-Focused Evaluation

Evaluating Community Impact, Evaluation, Mark Cabaj, FAQ

FAQ | This Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document explores 15 questions about principles-focused evaluation raised through the webinars and...

Principles-Focused Evaluation Webinar: Featuring Mark Cabaj and Michael Quinn Patton

Webinars & Videos, Evaluation, Community Innovation

WEBINAR | How can social innovators and would-be change makers ensure they are adhering to core principles and assess whether doing so is yielding...

Evaluation Tools for Community Engagement Webinar

Community Engagement, Webinars & Videos, Evaluation

WEBINAR | In this webinar Tamarack's resident evaluation practitioner, Liz Weaver, shares some of her favourite tools for evaluating the impact...

Shared Measurement: The Why is Clear, The How Continues to Develop Webinar

Collective Impact, Evaluating Community Impact, Webinars & Videos, Evaluation

WEBINAR | In this webinar, Liz Weaver and Mark Cabaj discuss Mark's paper Shared Measurement: The Why is Clear, The How Continues to Develop and...

Shared Measurement: The Why is Clear, the How Continues to Develop

Collective Impact, Publications, Evaluation, Mark Cabaj

PAPER | Shared Measurement: The Why is Clear, The How Continues to Develop is a paper written by evaluation expert Mark Cabaj, that offers five...

Insight Communities

Community Engagement, Tools, Evaluation

This helps explain insight communities of partners, stakeholder, and citizens. These communities share with you what they think and feel, and why...

Evaluations That Work: What the Non-Profit Sector Can Learn from the Ontario Nonprofit Network and Vibrant Communities

Evaluating Community Impact, Webinars & Videos, Evaluation

Evaluations “work” when they lead to insight and action. We all know that the process can be resource-intensive, so it is important for us to...

Evaluating Hamilton's Neighbourhood Action Strategy Webinar

Webinars & Videos, Evaluation

Sarah Wakefield shares lessons learned while evaluating large-scale, multi-stakeholder interventions that bundle together multiple projects,...

Developmental Evaluation: Principles in Practice

Webinars & Videos, Evaluation

Developmental Evaluation can be used to evaluate innovative initiatives in complex, dynamic environments, including a range of fields and...

Shared Evaluation Method

Webinars & Videos, Evaluation, Vibrant Communities

Mark Cabaj explores Vibrant Communities' revised shared evaluation framework and provide more information about how you can use it to your...

Community Engagement workshopAdaptive Leadership Masterclass | VAN, CGY, EDM, TOR, OTT

Does your work involve complex cross sector or community collaborations? Are you looking to learn practical and effective skills that will help you and your teams collaborate better – deal with conflict, challenge old ways of working, respond to diverse views, create shared meaning, and plan for the future – all while working together to make a collective impact?

This intensive Masterclass will equip you with the tools, processes and most importantly the leadership practice to make a real and meaningful change, through your own collaborative initiative.

Learn more about this workshop