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Community Engagement

Community of Practice

Community Engagement, Tools, Community of Practice

This tool outlines what a Community of Practice is why you should make one and how to assemble the tools and talent to make it succeed.

Citizen Juries

Community Engagement, Tools, Community Innovation

This tool helps explain how a citizen jury can help consider complex issues through gathering evidence, deliberating, and making final decisions.

Citizen Panels

Community Engagement, Tools

This tool explains Citizen Panels, what their commitment is, strengths, weaknesses, and when they can be used.

Art & Creativity

Community Engagement, Tools

This tool focuses on using art and creativity as a form of community engagement. It can be very effective at encouraging participation and...

Appreciative Inquiry

Community Engagement, Tools

Notes and highlights of appreciative inquiries including some key questions that can be used to ignite conversation.


Community Engagement, Tools, Friendraising

Friendraising: from raising funds to making friends. This tool discusses passions, organization, and relationships.

10 Guidelines for Increasing Online Community Engagement

Community Engagement, Tools, technology

This tool provides 10 guidelines for increasing online community engagement. It's meant to help you think about the best ways to involve others in...

Open Space Technology

Community Engagement, Tools, technology

Open Space Technology is a management tool that helps overcome the difficulties of conventional approaches to decision-making.

Participatory Budgeting

Community Engagement, Tools, Budgeting

This tool shows how participatory budgeting can be used to involve citizens with decision making about budget issues on both small and large-scale...

Great Neighbours Connect Cards

Community Engagement, Tools, Neighbourhood Strategy

A tool explaining the Great Neighbours initiative Connect Cards that provide thought provoking questions designed to build deeper social...


Community Engagement, Tools

An insight into podcasts about why to make one and assembling the various tools and talent.

Polarity Coaching

Community Engagement, Tools

This tool is used to appreciate complex challenges and to break down barriers. It explains what polarities are, the value of polarity thinking,...

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