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Little Red Hen - Paradox of Community Engagement

Community Engagement, Articles

Remember the story of the Little Red Hen who tried to engage her friends to help her to plant wheat and then harvest it, make flour and eventually...

Community Engagement: An Overview

Community Engagement, Articles

This article provides a brief overview of the term 'community engagement'. It features the following concepts: community engagement can be passive...

Deepening Community: Realizing the Potential of Citizenship Leadership

Deepening Community, Articles, Sylvia Cheuy

A powerful article by Sylvia Cheuy, director of Deepening Community, explores how deepening the experience of community in our neighbourhoods and...

Getting to Shared Outcomes

Articles, Vibrant Communities

At a workshop in Montreal in 2014, Vibrant Communities was invited to share the lessons learned about its journey to getting to shared outcomes. ...

Summary of Learning at the Poverty Reduction Summit

Articles, Vibrant Communities

This article provides a full summary of the events and workshops that took place at the 2015 Poverty Reduction Summit in Ottawa. This article...

Building Collaborative Communities

Collective Impact, Collaborative Leadership, Articles, Community Innovation

This article explores the idea around collaboration and how it is carried out by individuals, groups and organizations in the public sphere as a...

Community-Based Strategies: Comprehensive Thinking

Articles, Vibrant Communities, Community Innovation

Comprehensive Community Initiatives (CCIs) are locally based efforts that work to improve community conditions and the lives of individuals and...

Community-Based Strategies: Asset Building

Deepening Community, Articles, Community Innovation

The asset approach is based on the belief that communities have skills, networks, resources and energy that can be used to tackle local problems...

Transforming Leadership Through the Power of the Imagination

Collaborative Leadership, Articles

In this article, Michael Jones – a Juno Award Nominee pianist, composer and leadership educator – suggests that the primary leadership challenges...

Can This Collaboration Be Saved?

Collective Impact, Collaborative Leadership, Articles

Collaboration is a large and growing part of the landscape for community development work. Often it makes sense and leads to good results. Yet the...

Literature Review: Community Leadership

Collaborative Leadership, Articles

This review of available resources in the area of leadership, community and community leadership has been compiled and critiqued by Tamarack...

Essential Concepts of Collaboration

Collaborative Leadership, Articles

This resource, from David Chrislip's Collaborative Leadership Fieldbook, details the premises and assumptions that inform the practice of...

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