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Paul Born

Paul Born
Paul Born is the President and cofounder of the Tamarack Institute which, since 2001, has provided leadership in Canada on issues of citizen engagement, collaborative leadership and community innovation. More than 12,000 subscribers engage in Tamarack's learning communities. Tamarack also sponsors Vibrant Communities Canada, active in cities across the country and that has so far reduced the impact of poverty for more than 200,000 people.

Recent Posts

Our Community Can Change

Community Engagement, Publications, Paul Born

As part of our Community Change Series 2016, Paul Born provides thinking around five core ideas to create community change: collective impact,...


Community Development, Publications

In this publication Paul Born explores the idea of 'possible' in the work of community change. He makes the argument that there is a...

Collaborate: 5 Ideas to Consider

Collective Impact, Collaborative Leadership, Tools

When organizations attempt to develop large-scale collaborations in an effort to impact systemic change, two issues typically arise early in the...

The Leaderful Church

Collaborative Leadership, Articles

In this article, Paul Born calls for a new paradigm for leadership in the Mennonite church. This new way is about collective leadership, about the...

The Collaborative Leader

Collaborative Leadership

This PowerPoint is Paul Born’s early thinking about Collaborative Leadership. Here he has opted to use images to describe collaborative leadership...

Review of Supporting Literature on Community Leadership

Collaborative Leadership

What is the fundamental nature of community leadership and its applicability for communities today? These questions lead to a study of three...

Little Red Hen - Paradox of Community Engagement

Community Engagement, Articles

Remember the story of the Little Red Hen who tried to engage her friends to help her to plant wheat and then harvest it, make flour and eventually...

Action for Neighbourhood Change: A Guide for Neighbourhood Planning

Deepening Community, Publications, Paul Born

Working with local residents, not-for-profit agencies and public and private sector partners, Action for Neighbourhood Change combines local...

Community Conversations

Community Engagement, Books

Communities around the world are entering a new era of community building. Whether improving economic conditions and reducing poverty,...

Deepening Community with Chicken Soup

Deepening Community, Webinars & Videos

Paul Born reads the first passage of his book, Deepening Community: Finding Joy in Chaotic Times, where he discusses how the act of bringing your...

Conversation Cafe

Community Engagement, Deepening Community, Tools

The Conversation Café is a method for hosting conversations that invite opportunities for better understanding.  It is a simple but wonderful tool...

Friendraising Workbook

Community Engagement, Tools, Vibrant Communities

This workbook outlines both the art and science of fundraising and emphasizes the correlation between raising funds and finding friends. Most...

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