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Putting residents and community at the heart of climate action

Posted by Tamarack Institute on May 17, 2023

This article originally appeared in The Hill Times on May 17, 2023. Click here to access the original version.

This resource is also available in French. Click here to access the French version.

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Neighbours Taking a Strengths-Based Approach to Increase Emotional Well-Being in Their Community

Posted by Sara Johnson on January 26, 2023
A few months ago, I had the opportunity to facilitate a Neighborhood Project Lab at the Chestnut Resource Center, a small Kansas City-based nonprofit that works to connect neighbours to resources. This is a story about how a group of neighbours worked together to train themselves and others in mental health first aid.  
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Windsor-Essex’s Community Safety and Well-Being Plan

Posted by Natasha Pei on July 24, 2022

In 2019, every municipality in Ontario was mandated to develop a Community Safety and Well-Being Plan that would move their activities and investments upstream.

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The Gifts of Strangers: Understanding the Benefits of Diversity

Posted by John McKnight on July 20, 2022

One argument for diversity is that it ensures participation and creates the power of being heard. It is expressed by the popular maxim, “Nothing about us without us.” Implicit in this idea is the concept that those outside must come inside in order to ensure that their self-interest is served.

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How do you prioritize potential solutions?

Posted by Lisa Attygalle on February 15, 2022

There are always more good ideas than are possible to implement. So how do we prioritize which solutions to pursue?

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Building Trust in a Virtual World

Posted by Liz Weaver on February 3, 2022

During the last two years, what has your organization or collaborative done to build trust, connection, and relationships? Have you focused inward to ensure that your employees feel trusted and engaged? Have you focused outward to share information broadly and intentionally build relationships?

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