Principles-Focused Evaluation

Michael Quinn Patton and Mark Cabaj discuss the principles-focused evaluation framework, and Michael's new book Priciples-Focused Evaluation: the GUIDE. The framework was examined in a range of settings such as poverty reduction and youth homelessness. 

This webinar was also the official launch for the upcoming Evaluation Masterclasses that Michael Quinn Patton and Mark Cabaj will be hosting in four Canadian cities - Toronto, Regina, Calgary & Vancouver - this March. If you want to learn more about those 1 day deep dive learning experiences, find more here.

Collective Action: Problem Identification

Liz Weaver explores how to scope out the details of a problem and applies a tool that builds a common understanding and approach to problem resolution. 

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Collective Impact 101

Sylvia Cheuy discusses three shifts in mindset that an individual will experience as they begin to work in a way they never have before. Each of these mindset shifts is instrumental in allowing them to embrace collective impact in their own life.

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Collective Action: Collaborative Governance

Sylvia Cheuy provides an overview of the key elements of collaborative governance, the Collaborative Governance Framework, and backbone resources and support.

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Resilience and Measurement

Milton Friesen speaks with Josh Yates about the Thriving Cities Project, which is developing a new paradigm for urban analysis, community assessment, and civic engagement based on a holistic framework of community wealth and well-being.

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Communities of Belonging

In this webinar, Michael Jones, Sophia Horwitz and Heidi Clelland-Sauer explore the larger canvas of place and place-making and, in so doing, make visible some of the patterns that shape our experience of community. 

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Collective Impact: Community Readiness

In this clip, Liz Weaver talks about the many levels of complexity within our communities, and how collective impact can benefit these communities. Liz discusses some of the conditions that are necessary to facilitate effective collective impact within a community.

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