Getting to Impact: Canadian Collective Impact Case Studies

Tamarack's Liz Weaver discusses the Canadian Case Studies from the ORS Impact and Spark Policy Institute report "When Collective Impact has an Impact", joined by Carries Tanasichuk (Living SJ), Cathy Wright, Colleen Christopherson-Cote (Saskatoon Poverty Reduction Partnership) and Marisa Moher (Ottawa Child and Youth Initiative). 

Hear from the various organisations featured in the report. Take time to learn some insights and best practices from organisations applying Collective Impact work in the field.


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Adaptive Leadership in a Changing World

Liz Weaver and Liz Skelton discuss why collaborative Initiatives require a different approach to leadership, and outline the foundation for their upcoming Adaptive Leadership Masterclass series.

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Principles-Focused Evaluation

Michael Quinn Patton and Mark Cabaj discuss the principles-focused evaluation framework, and Michael's new book Priciples-Focused Evaluation: the GUIDE. The framework was examined in a range of settings such as poverty reduction and youth homelessness. 

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Cultivating Leadership Without Limits

Sylvia Cheuy is joined by Haashan Batts and Phyllis Alexander, the driving forces behind Leadership Without Limits. They share their intent, values, and core design elements behind their initiative. Joined by Oliver Reilly who shares his experiences of being a participant in the program.

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Resilience and Measurement 

Milton Friesen speaks with Josh Yates about the Thriving Cities Project, which is developing a new paradigm for urban analysis, community assessment, and civic engagement based on a holistic framework of community wealth and well-being.

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Communities of Belonging

In this webinar, Michael Jones, Sophia Horwitz and Heidi Clelland-Sauer explore the larger canvas of place and place-making and, in so doing, make visible some of the patterns that shape our experience of community. 

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Collective Impact: Community Readiness

In this clip, Liz Weaver talks about the many levels of complexity within our communities, and how collective impact can benefit these communities. Liz discusses some of the conditions that are necessary to facilitate effective collective impact within a community.

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