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Community Climate Transitions is a collective impact movement aimed at supporting a just and equitable climate transition, aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals

Community Climate Transitions is the newest collective in Tamarack’s Vibrant Communities. We are building a network of communities that are committed to tackling climate change through a multi-solving approach that advances social, environmental and economic goals simultaneously. We support communities to localize the Sustainable Development Goals and take a holistic view to improve health and social outcomes, building resilience, promoting justice and equity, reducing their carbon footprint, and strengthening economic vitality.

We do this by hosting a community of practices, webinars, and events, producing publications that share our learnings and supporting our members with specialized coaching.

The Tamarack team is here to support you on your journey. Reach out to Laura Schnurr to learn more.

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Upcoming Webinar

How to Assess Community-Led Development

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June 29, 2021

This exciting webinar will introduce the international research behind a new Community-Led Development assessment tool that will help you to put citizens at the centre of your work. Following the webinar, participants will be invited to join a session on July 27 that will dive deeper into the tool and how to analyze your assessment so that you can better position your organization and work to be truly community-led.

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The SDGs: Just One (Important) Part of the Story

In my prior blog post The SDGs: A Tool for Transformative Change, I explored some of the reasons why we should all adopt the SDGs. In this post, I explore some of the shortcomings of the framework to paint a fuller picture...

The SDGs: A Tool for Transformative Change

When people ask me whether I think the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are useful, my short answer is “yes, but”. In this two-part blog, I unpack what I mean by that. This first blog explores the ‘yes’ part of the...

National Strategy Highlights Kitchener for Localizing Sustainable Development Goals (en anglais)

In February, the Minister of Families, Children and Social Development, the Hon. Ahmed Hussen, and the Minister of International Development, the Hon. Karina Gould, launched Canada’s 2030 Agenda, National Strategy. The...



ARTICLE | Exploring the Intersections of Climate Change & Poverty

Multi-solve approaches that simultaneously advance the end poverty agenda and tackles climate change hold great promise. In a world where all our challenges are interconnected, this is the best path to achieving a...

FIELD NOTE | Climate Change and Ending Poverty

These field notes capture the experiences, ideas and insights shared during a workshop on the interrelated goals of ending poverty and tackling climate change. The virtual session was held on May 6, 2021, during the Cities...

FIELD NOTE | Sustainable Development Goals and Ending Poverty

These field notes capture the experiences, ideas and insights shared during a workshop on how the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) can support community efforts to end poverty. The virtual session was held on May 6,...



WEBINAR | Communities Localizing the Sustainable Development Goals (en anglais seulement)

During the annual Communities Ending Poverty (CEP) gathering in May 2021, Tamarack hosted a workshop on how two Communities Ending Poverty members – Oxford County and Alberni Clayoquot Health Network – have been advancing a...

WEBINAR | Climate Change and Ending Poverty (en anglais seulement)

In May 2021, Tamarack hosted a workshop on ending poverty and addressing climate change, with speakers from Climate Caucus, Canadian Urban Sustainability Practitioners Network, and Youth Climate Lab. The conversation focused...

WEBINAR | Cities Developing Community-Based COVID-19 Recovery (en anglais seulement)

The impacts of COVID-19 have been profound. Communities have had to deal with incredible loss, businesses have suffered, children and families have struggle through a compromised education system, and our sense of well-being...


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