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Communities Building Youth Futures is a collective impact movement aimed at improving the future of 7,500 youth.

Tamarack Institute and the Government of Canada, through the Goal Getters program, have committed to a five-year pan-Canadian project to develop collective impact and system-wide solutions for youth as they build and act upon plans for their future.

Communities Building Youth Futures is committed to improving outcomes for youth who face barriers as they pursue their education and transition to employment and understands that this work requires collaborative, community-championed solutions with youth leadership and youth engagement. 

The CBYF team is here to support you, learn more about members of the team; Nathalie Blanchet, and Trisha Islam. Feel free to connect with any of them.


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Our 5-Year Collective Impact Strategy

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Plan on a Page

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Membership Directory 

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Communities Building Youth Futures in the media:

  • Yellowknife's 'We are all Connected' event brings people of all ages to paddle together. [English only] 

  • Chilliwack's Bigger Than Me Podcast discusses the Chilliwack Health and Social Innovation Hub with its director, Martha Dow [English only]

  • Check out Laval's recap of the Metal Art Project [French only]

The ambitious plan to transform the lives of youth

Upcoming Events

Getting Started

Copy of 2019 Engaging Underrepresented Youth

Engaging Underrepresented Youth

This series of four webinars highlight how a collective impact approach can be used to improve community outcomes for underrepresented youth. You will be introduced to core conditions found in the collective impact framework.

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Engaging Youth

Meaningfully Engaging Youth

We co-developed this guide with youth leaders and representatives from youth-serving organizations to shine a light on the principles and practices that lead to meaningful youth engagement. 

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Top 5 Lessons Learned on Building a Leadership Table

These lessons will ensure you have the power to make a stellar leadership team to help you and your team achieve the outcomes of the CBYF initiative. Take the reins and lead the leaders. 

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Youth Engage Protest

Understanding Youth Through Empathy Mapping

In this field note, you’ll see how an Empathy Map can help your initiative gain insight into the needs of those you are hoping to impact.

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The Unspoken Reality of being Young and involved in Spaces of Power

Does it show that I'm younger? Should I dress differently? Can I speak up and give my opinion in this conversation? Am I qualified for the job? 

Announcing the 2021/22 CBYF Community Innovation Fund Recipients

Tamarack Institute is proud to announce the recipients of our 2021–22 Communities Building Youth Futures Community Innovation Fund. See below for a full list of funding recipients, including project descriptions.

Communities Building Youth Futures wishes you Happy Holidays!

As we take the time to reflect on 2021 for Communities Building Youth Futures (CBYF), we also want to take the chance to highlight and celebrate the work that the CBYF communities have accomplished since becoming part of the...



Case Study | Digby's Youth-Led Initiative Creates a Space for Youth in Nova Scotia

Through our research with the Digby area community, which was done through Turning the Tide, we at Inspiring Communities recognized that the ability to connect socially builds stronger communities and is particularly...

CASE-STUDY | Corner Brook: Free Tutoring Builds Student Confidence

After the Bell Student Supports Tutoring Program is a new initiative created by Communities Building Youth Futures Corner Brook, supported by the YMCA of Western NL. 

CASE STUDY | Sudbury Youth Co-Design Digital Strategy to Improve Service Access

The Brand Identity and Digital Strategy project’s goal was to develop an in-depth understanding of youth and how to best engage, recruit and maintain youth participation. Additionally, the project served to create a virtual...



WEBINAR | Youth well-being and resilience in pandemic times

Youth resilience and well-being are vital to the ability to reach one’s full potential and prevent poverty.

Join us to better understand the impacts on youth well-being and resilience in pandemic times, as well as effective...

WEBINAR | Mobilizing Community Change with Youth at the Centre: Lessons Learned from Communities Building Youth Futures

How might we put youth at the centre of community change efforts?

Hear about how communities across Canada are mobilizing alongside youth to address systemic barriers impacting youth on their education and employment journey.

WEBINAR | Monitoring Outcomes & Measuring Impact

The Opportunity Youth Forum was launched in 2012 as a national movement to create innovative, place-based and collaborative solutions to reconnect America’s then 6.7 million opportunity youth to education and employment.


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