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Communities Building Youth Futures is a collective impact movement aimed at improving the future of 7,500 youth.

Tamarack Institute and the Government of Canada, through the Goal Getters program, have committed to a five-year pan-Canadian project to develop collective impact and system-wide solutions for youth as they build and act upon plans for their future.

Communities Building Youth Futures is committed to improving outcomes for youth who face barriers as they pursue their education and transition to employment and understands that this work requires collaborative, community-championed solutions with youth leadership and youth engagement. 

The CBYF team is here to support you, learn more about members of the team; Nathalie Blanchet, and Trisha Islam. Feel free to connect with any of them.


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Our 5-Year Collective Impact Strategy

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Community Innovation Fund

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Guide on a Page
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10 - A Guide For Navigating The Future Of Work For Youth And Employers

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Welcome! If you are a youth or an employer who is looking at the future of work trends and wondering – what now? – you have come to the right place.

There is so much out there on the ‘future of work’ these days that it can feel overwhelming to take it all in. And that’s why we’re here.

This guide has been developed to help you filter through the noise and focus in on what matters to you as you navigate the shifting landscape of the future of work. We created it to be accessible and easy to use and have included the latest research, questions to consider and stories and resources throughout to help bring your learning to life.


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Upcoming Events

Getting Started

Copy of 2019 Engaging Underrepresented Youth

Engaging Underrepresented Youth

This series of four webinars highlight how a collective impact approach can be used to improve community outcomes for underrepresented youth. You will be introduced to core conditions found in the collective impact framework.

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Engaging Youth

Meaningfully Engaging Youth

We co-developed this guide with youth leaders and representatives from youth-serving organizations to shine a light on the principles and practices that lead to meaningful youth engagement. 

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Top 5 Lessons Learned on Building a Leadership Table

These lessons will ensure you have the power to make a stellar leadership team to help you and your team achieve the outcomes of the CBYF initiative. Take the reins and lead the leaders. 

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Youth Engage Protest

Understanding Youth Through Empathy Mapping

In this field note, you’ll see how an Empathy Map can help your initiative gain insight into the needs of those you are hoping to impact.

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Stewarding the Land Back: Sage Harvesting

The halfway mark through the summer months can sometimes feel like a perpetual Sunday evening, with many of us counting down the days until the return to school and a milder climate.

The Unspoken Reality of Being Young and Involved in Spaces of Power

Does it show that I'm younger? Should I dress differently? Can I speak up and give my opinion in this conversation? Am I qualified for the job? 

Announcing the 2021/22 CBYF Community Innovation Fund Recipients

Tamarack Institute is proud to announce the recipients of our 2021–22 Communities Building Youth Futures Community Innovation Fund. See below for a full list of funding recipients, including project descriptions.



CASE STUDY | A Squad of Young Tech Tutors Responds to the Challenges of Pandemic Digital Learning

This resource is also available in French.  Please click here for the French version.

Written by Tania Fournier and Sarah Jacques, with contributions from Véronique St-Louis and the squad members: Maria Laghmari, Saïd...

BOOK | 10 - A Guide for Navigating the Future of Work for Youth and Employers

This resource is also available in French.  Please click here for the French version.

Welcome. If you are a youth or an employer who is looking at the future of work trends and wondering – what now? – you have come to the...

ARTICLE | The Future of Work: A Literature Review

This resource is also available in French.  Please click here for the French version.

This article by Megan Nimigon explores the Future of Work though a literature review.



WEBINAR | Youth Leading on Issues that Matter to Them: Climate, Poverty and Affordability

This webinar took place in English with simultaneous French interpretation. Click here to access the French version.

In this webinar recording, a panel of young national researchers and advocates discussed what they and...

WEBINAR | A Dialogue on Systems Change to Improve Data Collection and Access

This event took place in English with simultaneous interpretation in French. Click here to access the French recording.

Communities and Youth-Serving Organizations rely on data to understand issues facing youth, priorities...

WEBINAR | Youth well-being and resilience in pandemic times

Youth resilience and well-being are vital to the ability to reach one’s full potential and prevent poverty.

Join us to better understand the impacts on youth well-being and resilience in pandemic times, as well as effective...


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