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Tamarack and The Government of Canada has an ambitious plan to transform the lives of young people. Working in partnership with the Learning Branch, Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC), the Tamarack Institute will implement a five-year Collective Impact strategy to help increase high school graduation rates for youth facing barriers. A primary goal in engaging youth facing barriers is to develop Collective Impact Strategies with up to 13 communities that enable young people to be engaged in their communities and successfully navigate transitions from youth to adulthood.

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Youths in a classroom

A Guide to Identifying and Sharing a Neighbourhood's Educational Assets with Young People

This article has tools and recommendations to help groups to learn about the skills, knowledge and experiences that the community has and how to connect them to young people.


Movement of Young People Changing Communities Across Ontario

Steadily over the last 10 years, youths who took up the call to create change alongside their adult allies have built a provincial youth-led movement of community-minded citizens of all ages.

Woman Walking on Street

Small Change for Big Impacts: Behavioural Insights for Community Change 

Small Changes for Big Impacts provides a starting point for community changemakers to explore this field and understand how they might get started in applying this lens to understand the causes, contributions, and potential opportunities for community change. 

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