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Shared Measurement: The Why is Clear, The How Continues to Develop

Posted by Mark Cabaj in September 2017

Shared Measurement: The Why is Clear, The How Continues to Develop is a paper written by evaluation expert Mark Cabaj, that offers five practical shared measurement challenges that, if not handled well, can weaken a group’s ability to evaluate and manage their Collective Impact effort.

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Three Trust Strategies That Create Committed Volunteers

Posted by Tammy Elliott on September 14, 2017

In our last V-News update, I explained that vulnerability-based trust on your team is what allows your team members to feel comfortable engaging in passionate debate. Your volunteers will feel as though their voices matter, because everyone’s diverse opinions are considered. When everyone has a chance to weigh in, that is when you achieve collective buy in which creates committed volunteers. It all starts with trust.

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About those great neighbours

Posted by Jim Martin on September 8, 2017

Great Neighbours is an initiative supported by the Red Deer County, the City of Red Deer and surrounding towns whose goal is to get neighbours to know each other.  

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3 Lessons for Funders from “Collaborating With the Enemy”

Posted by Chris Thompson on September 6, 2017

If anyone knows his way around solving wicked, persistent problems through collaboration it’s Adam Kahane. The Canadian change-agent has facilitated collaborations that have catalyzed peace in South Africa, Guatemala, Colombia and beyond. And I thought my work to support a workforce collaboration was tough…

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Why the human sector needs to care about the environment

Posted by Paul Born on September 5, 2017
My good friend Walter Hossli cares for this earth. In a recent conversation he shared with me some of his thoughts. He is an Albertan  and cares deeply for his country and province.  Read More

Facing Challenges Together - A Reflection

Posted by Megan Wanless on August 21, 2017

This weekend I was asked to speak at Maple Grove United Church in Oakville, Ontario about some of my reflections working in thesocial change sector over the past few years. This offered me a great opportunity to think deeply about my journey so far and opened up some amazing conversations with Oakville residents about taking on complex challenges in our community.

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Are you setting smart goals or building better systems?

Posted by Cameron Norman on August 10, 2017

If you’re working toward some sort of collective goals — as an organization, network or even as an individual — you’ve most likely been asked to use SMART goal setting to frame your task. While SMART is a popular tool for management consultants and scholars, does it make sense when you’re looking to make inroads on complex, unique or highly volatile problems or is the answer in the systems we create to advance goals in the first place?  

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