The Future of Collective Impact

At the 2014 Collective Impact Summit, we asked our five keynote speakers - Melody Barnes, John Kania, Brenda Zimmerman, Jay Connor and Paul Born - what is the future of Collective Impact? You may be surprised by what they say.

Neighbours Deepening Community

This beautiful four minute rap video entitled Neighbours Deepening Community tells a wonderful story and provides techniques to grow belonging in neighbourhoods.


The Future of Poverty Reduction

At the Poverty Reduction Summit, we asked many of our influential presenters, including Minister Deb Matthews, Mayor Don Iveson and Mayor Naheed Nenshi, what their hopes were for the future of Poverty Reduction.

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What is a Vibrant Community?

Members of Vibrant Communities Canada - Cities Reducing Poverty talk about what a vibrant community is. These communities are committed to reducing poverty in their communities as part of a network of 100 communities across Canada.

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Why Starlings Would Be The Leaders of Collective Impact

Paul Born gives a very inspirational speech about Starling birds and their incredible ability to work together.

Preventing Snap Back

At the Toronto Collective Impact Summit, keynote speaker Brenda Zimmerman discussed 'Preventing Snap Back.'

Why We Need to Reduce Poverty Now

At the Ottawa Poverty Reduction Summit, Mayor Naheed Nenshi, who was awarded the 2014 World Mayor Prize, gave a compelling keynote on why we need to reduce poverty now.