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Communities Ending Poverty has contributed to poverty being reduced for 1 million Canadians

Communities Ending Poverty is a powerful collective impact movement comprised of 330 municipalities and represented by 80 regional roundtables. We have learned that to end poverty, it takes the whole community and our entire country working together. Our members ensure that all sectors are brought to the table, harness the assets of their communities and drive long-term change as they develop and implement plans to reduce poverty in their communities. Between 2015 and 2018, we contributed to poverty being reduced for more than 1 million Canadians.

The CEP team is here to support you, learn more about members of the team; Alison Homer, Maureen OwensJill Zacharias and Orpah Cundangan. Feel free to connect with any of them.

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10 Guide

10 – A Guide for Cities Reducing Poverty

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Communities of Practice

The Communities Ending Poverty Communities of Practice are monthly digital meet-ups comprising a group of peers committed to sharing and learning from one another to accelerate their work to end poverty in Canada.

We host CoPs on the following topics:

  • Alberta
  • Anti-Racism
  • Atlantic Canada Basic Income
  • British Columbia – Learn more here
  • Communities Ending Poverty All-Convenor
  • Ending Working Poverty Series
  • Living Wage
  • Rural Ontario

Contact Orpah to learn more:

The End of Poverty Series

The End of Poverty: Eight Pathways That Are Ending Poverty in Canada
Ending Poverty Pathways Podcast Series
Ending Poverty Pathways Online Course

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Impact reporting

Cities Reducing Poverty Five-Year Impact Report

Between 2015 and 2020, Canada's national poverty rate dropped to the lowest in recorded history. Learn about how CRP contributed to the unprecedented reduction of poverty for more than 1 million Canadians through a system of exceptional programs and supports that work across all sectors and all levels of government.

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ARTICLE | Communities Ending Poverty: 2021 Progress & COVID-19 Update

ARTICLE | Communities Ending Poverty: 2021 Progress & COVID-19 Update

Due  to members’ efforts being reprioritized from evaluation and reporting to emergency response, this second annual Communities Ending Poverty Impact Report serves as a COVID-19 update as opposed to a full impact report.

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Engaging Lived Experience

10 – Engaging People with Lived/Living Experience

Informed by the 10 Lived/Living Experience Advisory Committee, this guide highlights leading practices that inspire new thinking and celebrates the potential that can be unlocked when these individuals are empowered to drive antipoverty work. It includes 10 ideas, stories, and resources, and recommends 10 ways to get started.

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Cities Reducing Poverty

Cities Reducing Poverty: Responding to COVID-19

Through 60 stories of innovation and resilience, this report provides a point-in-time snapshot of the innovative ways that CRP member communities are responding to COVID-19. It was written to provide members with fresh ideas and insights that they can use to build resilience and strengthen their own responses.

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How we can protect the social role of government: What is social procurement?

Exploring how to advance community change through social procurement, instead of profit-focused, public-private partnerships.

Written by Maureen Owens (she/her) and Molly McCracken (CCPA)

Local government levers: Accelerating housing solutions

Recognizing the power of local government to lead positive social change, the Community Social Planning Council of Greater Victoria has produced a comprehensive toolkit that outlines "every tool in the municipal...

BC’s Minimum Wage Hikes Address Working Poverty

Minimum wage increase tied to inflation, significantly impacting working poor.



REPORT | Communities Ending Poverty Impact Report: A Deep Dive into 2022

Communities Ending Poverty (CEP) is a dynamic network on a mission to eradicate poverty across Canada and beyond. With over two decades of efforts and experience in the realm of poverty reduction, CEP has learned that it...

REPORT | Communities Ending Poverty Summit for Strength Learnings

In the face of unprecedented challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic, communities have shown remarkable capacity for transformation and strength in tackling poverty.

GUIDE | 10 Ways Local Government Can Propel Positive Social Change

This resource is also available in French. Click here to access the French version.

As communities face increasingly complex social challenges, local governments face a call to action. A community-wide mandate and...


Webinar Recordings:

WEBINAR | Advancements on Basic Income in Canada: 2023 and Beyond

This webinar recording features a conversation about important developments in the basic income movement in Canada over the course of 2023 as a lead-up to the May 2024 Basic Income Guarantee Forum in Ottawa.

WEBINAR | Grassroots Versus Grasstops: The Complex Dynamics of Achieving a Just Transition

This webinar recording features a conversation with Seth Klein, author of A Good War: Mobilizing Canada for the Climate Emergency and Team Lead and director of strategy with the Climate Emergency Unit.

WEBINAR | Businesses Reducing Poverty

This webinar recording examines the case for for-profits in the changemaking space and highlighted unique levers businesses have for reducing poverty.


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