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Stewarding the Land Back: Sage Harvesting

Posted by Angelina Pelletier on September 7, 2022

The halfway mark through the summer months can sometimes feel like a perpetual Sunday evening, with many of us counting down the days until the return to school and a milder climate.

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The Unspoken Reality of Being Young and Involved in Spaces of Power

Posted by Layla Belmahi on May 2, 2022

Does it show that I'm younger? Should I dress differently? Can I speak up and give my opinion in this conversation? Am I qualified for the job? 

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Announcing the 2021/22 CBYF Community Innovation Fund Recipients

Posted by Nathalie Blanchet on January 12, 2022

Tamarack Institute is proud to announce the recipients of our 2021–22 Communities Building Youth Futures Community Innovation Fund. See below for a full list of funding recipients, including project descriptions.

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Communities Building Youth Futures wishes you Happy Holidays!

Posted by Vibrant Communities on December 16, 2021

As we take the time to reflect on 2021 for Communities Building Youth Futures (CBYF), we also want to take the chance to highlight and celebrate the work that the CBYF communities have accomplished since becoming part of the network in June 2020.

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CBYF Laval Keeps Their Community Motivated Through Art

Posted by Tamarack Institute on August 11, 2021

Over the past year, CBYF Laval supported several community initiatives aimed at supporting the motivation of youth during the pandemic. Some of these initiatives have led to exceptional artistic projects in which youth were inspired and given the opportunity to develop new skills. 

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Putting Art at the Center of Our Social Change Efforts

Posted by Megan Nimigon on August 10, 2021

When we look at the social change sector as a whole, there is a growing awareness of the importance of art in engaging the hands, the heads and the hearts of the people who are looking to make positive transformations in their communities.

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