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Samantha Gregorio

Samantha Gregorio
Samantha Gregorio is a fourth year Recreation and Leisure Studies undergraduate student at Brock University. In Winter 2023, Samantha was enrolled in a ‘Program Evaluation in Recreation’ course taught by Dr. Corliss Bean. This blog was written as part of her coursework in this class. She hopes to obtain fulltime employment upon graduating this spring.

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Unleashing Youth Expression Through Arts-Based Evaluation

Posted by Samantha Gregorio on June 9, 2023

This resource is also available in French. Click here to access the French version.

Picture this: program enrollment is on a decline and youth seem to have lost interest in a program. What do you do as a professional in the field?

This blog will give some insight into the benefits and considerations for conducting arts-based evaluations for community youth programs, with the hope of offering a unique approach to increasing interest and engagement in recreational programs for young people.  It is adapted from the author’s original academic article.

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