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Katelyn Henderson

Katelyn Henderson
Katelyn Henderson is a fourth-year Kinesiology student with a minor in Gerontology at Brock University. In Winter 2023, Katelyn was enrolled in a ‘Program Evaluation in Recreation’ course taught by Dr. Corliss Bean. This blog was written as part of her coursework in this class. She has been working in the long-term care sector for almost two years and is currently completing a placement in the Restorative Care department of a nursing home. She will be pursuing a Master of Applied Gerontology at Brock University in the Fall of 2023.

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The Importance of Program Evaluation in the Long-Term Care

Posted by Katelyn Henderson on June 13, 2023

This resource is also available in French. Click here to access the French version.

Program evaluation is an important part of long-term care due to its critical role in supporting evidence-based approaches to care. Long-term care is a diverse and essential service provided over a sustained period to people of all ages. Whether it's minimal personal support or comprehensive care. Long-term care can be provided in settings, such as nursing homes, residential care facilities, as well as people’s home environments.

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