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Cary Foo

Cary Foo
My name is Cary Foo, I am a fourth-year student at Brock University studying Recreation and Leisure Studies majoring in Community Recreation. I am passionate about growing sports in communities and utilizing cultural diversity to create more opportunities for engagement that has a positive impact at community levels. In Fall 2022, I was enrolled in a ‘Recreation and Leisure Services Field Experience’ course within Dr. Corliss Bean’s where I completed my fieldwork placement at the City of St. Catharine’s Recreation and Leisure Department, where their goal is to provide people living in St. Catharines with opportunities to participate in recreation in an inclusive and exciting way. This blog was written as part of my coursework in this class.

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Intercultural fluency, Conflict Resolution, and Effective Communication in Professional Development

Posted by Cary Foo on March 14, 2023

This resource is also available in French. Click here to access the French version.

It's likely that you’ve participated in soccer, basketball, or swimming that takes place at a local community centre. One reason we all love recreation is that it provides us an opportunity to engage in our community and be socially connected. However, when there is competition, there can also be conflict, which many of us have experienced in the workplace, school, or on a sports team. In this blog, I discuss what intercultural fluency, effective communication, and conflict resolution are, why they’re important, and how they apply to our professional lives. Such experiences are based on my involvement with the City of St. Catharines fieldwork placement.

Intercultural Fluency

Practicing intercultural fluency means being able to understand, respect, and learn from the complex social, economic, cultural, and political nature of diverse people. This encourages inclusivity and awareness in all interactions. As a Chinese/Canadian student studying at Brock University, I’m consistently learning how to practice both my East Asian and Canadian cultures. I believe this was an advantage for me when familiarizing myself with my placement role.

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