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Breaking Down Silos in Rural Communities: Employing A Whole Systems Approach

Posted by Natasha Pei on June 23, 2021

Breaking down silos and employing a whole systems approach that puts a person’s wellbeing at the centre is a critical practice for rural communities seeking to end poverty. Working in silos ignores the complexity of people’s lives and beneficial community assets remain under-utilized. While working out-of-sync with one another, very few organizations are likely to see their clients sustainably achieve their goals.

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Five Steps For Implementing ABCD in Rural Communities

Posted by Heather Keam on December 19, 2019

Over time, the structure and dynamics of rural communities have changed. Services have moved from local to regional, young residents are moving away, long-term residents are decreasing, and new residents are coming into the community. In the past, rural communities knew how to use the Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD) approach naturally. But with changing times, how can they focus their assets to build community?

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Six tips for conducting meaningful evaluation in rural and remote communities

Posted by Alison Homer on September 22, 2016

In planning for the Evaluating Community Impact Community of Practice (Eval CoP), members participated in two summer working group sessions to highlight challenges they faced in their poverty-related evaluation work, and brainstormed topics, content and speakers that could address them. One area that members were greatly interested in learning more about was ‘How to conduct meaningful evaluation in rural settings’.

In response, we invited Dr. Jeannette Waegemakers Schiff, associate professor in the Faculty of Social Work, University of Calgary, to join our September call to share her experiences working on two studies: 'Housing First in Rural Canada' and 'Rural Alberta Homelessness', as well as to share her top tips to more effectively conduct evaluations in rural and remote communities.

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