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Collaboration, Self-Care and Systems Change

Posted by Natasha Pei on June 13, 2023

Do you ever feel selfish for prioritizing self-care? Or are you never able to prioritize self-care because work and life is too demanding?

It’s not selfish.

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Innovative Rural Transportation Strategies Aid in Poverty Reduction

Posted by Natasha Pei on February 12, 2023

What kinds of rural transportation solutions are feasible at a community-level?

Rural transportation is a key domain in poverty reduction strategies, particularly in rural regions. Access to affordable, quality (i.e., timely, reliable) transportation can help people gain access to good jobs, education or training, groceries, medical appointments, social interaction, and more. All of which can reduce poverty and promote healthy wellbeing.

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Engaging youth as leaders in poverty reduction

Posted by Natasha Pei on August 27, 2022

In 2022, the Communities Ending Poverty network raised the following question: How can we engage youth as leaders in poverty reduction efforts?

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Quatre changements systémiques pour réduire la pauvreté au Canada

Posted by Natasha Pei on March 16, 2022

Cette ressource est également disponible en anglais. Cliquez ici pour accéder à la page de destination de la version anglaise.

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Four systems changes to reduce poverty in Canada

Posted by Natasha Pei on March 16, 2022

This resource is also available in French. Click here to access the landing page for the French version.

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Transportation: An Affordable and Accessible System in Cape Breton

Posted by Natasha Pei on March 14, 2022

In Cape Breton, NS, a collaborative called the Transportation Innovation Lab has devised transportation solutions to help people living on low income get to school and work at affordable rates and from accessible locations.

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