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Centering Anti-Racist and Equity Frameworks in Anti-Poverty Work

Posted by Tamarack Institute on July 25, 2022

In response to learning requests from several Communities Ending Poverty (CEP) members, Vibrant Communities hosted two conversations that explored how CEP members were developing, implementing, and centering anti-racist and equity frameworks in their anti-poverty work.

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Saskatoon adopts a bold anti-racist and equity-building approach to ending poverty

Posted by Alison Homer on July 25, 2022

The Saskatoon Poverty Reduction Partnership (SPRP) recognizes poverty as a complex interconnected issue.

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Transportation: An Affordable and Accessible System in Cape Breton

Posted by Natasha Pei on March 14, 2022

In Cape Breton, NS, a collaborative called the Transportation Innovation Lab has devised transportation solutions to help people living on low income get to school and work at affordable rates and from accessible locations.

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Perseverance: The Juanita Black Story

Posted by Saint John Human Development Council on March 2, 2022

Juanita Black is a long-time advocate for building a more caring community in Saint John, NB. Her powerful message is captured in an inspiring new short documentary film launched on January 26, 2022.

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Canada’s Financial Literacy Month

Posted by Justin Williams on November 16, 2021

November 1, 2021, marked the beginning of Canada’s 11th Financial Literacy Month. The month is part of the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada’s efforts to make the financial ecosystem more accessible, inclusive and effective for all Canadians.

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British Columbia: Pathways to Ending Working Poverty in Action

Posted by Jill Zacharias on November 14, 2021

On October 20, 2021, the Ending Working Poverty in British Columbia webinar co-generated intersectoral dialogue on one of the most important topics faced in Canada today.

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