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The Community Innovation Imperative

Posted by Sylvia Cheuy in December 2017

In this paper, Sylvia Cheuy explores community innovation - a unique form of social innovation that is place-based within the specific geography of a community.

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Ending Poverty

Posted by Paul Born on November 20, 2017

I was in San Francisco this week and spoke with pride about Canada's work to end poverty. I may have spoken too boldly. There is something about being in U.S. that makes me want to emphasize how progressive Canada is and share how much more advanced our social agenda is. My behaviour might be likened to a younger brother coming home to visit his more accomplished older brother and provide an update about his year away. 

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A Practical Guide for Consensus-Based Decision Making

Posted by Jim Madden on November 17, 2017

What makes some group efforts so much more effective and satisfying than others? Why do some group decisions enjoy strong buy-in and follow through, and produce tangible results, whereas others fall flat right out of the gate?

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Reading the Digital Body Language of your Community Members

Posted by Lisa Attygalle on November 16, 2017

My background is in the world of marketing and specifically in the field of marketing automation where the focus is on having meaningful interactions with customers online based on the digital cues they provide. This is called reading their ‘digital body language’.

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Thinking Through a Different Lens

Posted by Hailey Hechtman on November 15, 2017

During my time at the Tamarack Community Change Institute, I noticed that many peoples’ focus was squarely on bringing techniques, tools and strategies back to their communities that could strengthen not only the work that they were doing, but act as a framework for future opportunities amongst partners, participants and others that have not yet come to the table.

Although, this insistence on an applicable, packaged toolkit may steer us in a direction that helps to bring ideas and actions forward quickly, it also has a downside. There is a way of approaching change, a concentration on philosophy, on values, on process that needs to be melded into the activities that we do in order to see sustainable impact.

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Back to the Future

Posted by Erica Dyson on November 14, 2017

Hardly a day goes by without my adding a number of smileys to my emails or texts. In fact, here’s one now :) . Why? Well they are so expressive; so much better than LOL or BTW or FYI. So with one small icon, I seem to be able to convey information and feeling.

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Leadership Training for Effective Partnerships

Posted by Jocelyne Daw on October 31, 2017

Partnerships and collective impact initiatives are multiplying in Canada, as cross-sectorial collaborators come together to positively advance impact on complex social issues.  Partnerships offer the potential for outcomes bigger than any one organization could achieve on their own. Done well, such collaborations enable innovation, create greater value and strengthen commitments from a broader range of people, perspectives and organizations. But success is not always guaranteed.  Like anything that delivers great results, collaboration takes hard work, flexibility AND courage. The people involved in making partnerships happen are key to partnering success.  How do they build knowledge and skills and possess the tools and insights to deliver positive partnering results?

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