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An Overview of Community Innovation Trends - Part One: Design-Based Approaches

Posted by Galen MacLusky in June 2018

In 'An Overview of Community Innovation Trends', Galen MacLusky identifies some of the most prominent Community Innovation trends, the value of these approaches for community changemakers, and how to further your learning in this area. Not only does this paper provide a detailed look at the current landscape, but it also provides a thorough outline of resources and outlets that will help you jumpstart your practice of Community Innovation.

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St. Catharines:  Creating a City-Wide Movement of Compassion

Posted by Sylvia Cheuy on July 3, 2018

St. Catharines Ontario is championing a movement to make their city one where all residents have an opportunity – and responsibility – to make their community vibrant, prosperous and compassionate. 

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New Report Shows Child Poverty in Canada Knows no Boundaries

Posted by Jessica Fisher on June 28, 2018
Canada, often revered for its high standard of living, is also home to  a far-reaching societal ailment: over 1.2 million children, or 17.4%,  are living in poverty with their families. That’s the finding from Campaign 2000’s riding by riding analysis of child poverty in Canada, released June 18th, 2018. Read More

Takeaways from Maytree's Policy School

Posted by Christine Durant on June 25, 2018

When I joined the Poverty Roundtable Hastings Prince Edward as their Director in 2016, building a community action plan for poverty reduction was just one of the activities I would be taking on as part of a complex project plan. The overall goal of the work was divided into two parts; First, to ensure that people who use programs shape the programs and services that matter to them, and second, to bring our community together to work to reduce poverty–In effect, removing the silos that we have had a tendency to work in.

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Highlights from Cities Innovating to Reduce Poverty: Vancouver 2018

Posted by Alison Homer on June 21, 2018

Cities Innovating to Reduce Poverty, Tamarack’s 2018 Western Regional Poverty Summit, brought together changemakers from more than 25 cities from Western Canada and beyond, to dialogue on innovative ways that governments, cities, and sectors can work together to end poverty.

Over a day and a half of learning, elected officials from all levels of government, city staff, business leaders, funders, community organizers, and experts with lived experience of poverty convened to teach and learn together. The event hosted fabulous speakers, a social innovation walking tour, interactive workshops, and a city-hosted reception.

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Cities Deepening Community Quarterly Policy Digest: June 2018

Posted by Adam Vasey on June 20, 2018

Welcome to the inaugural edition of the Cities Deepening Community Policy Digest. The Digest provides timely policy updates from across Canada that support the work of cities deepening community.

National Policy Updates:

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Evolving Churches in Today’s Changing Society

Posted by Katja Brittain on June 19, 2018

“Decide what the box is in your church community and begin try to think outside of it.  We need to understand our context much better before we can understand how the church needs to be different.”

This is how a member of a church congregation reflected on a day-long trip to various churches in and around Toronto this winter. Together with more than 40 other members from two congregations in Kitchener, the group learned how others have either repurposed their building or even redeveloped their entire property in order to make a difference in their communities.

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