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Disruptive Times Require Skilled Changemakers

Posted by Liz Weaver in February 2019

In this paper, Liz Weaver describes three elements that every changemaker needs when approaching complex challenges - a mindset shift, an agile and adaptable approach, and knowledge and skills in each of the five interconnected practice areas.

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Why the human sector needs to care about the environment

Posted by Paul Born on September 5, 2017
My good friend Walter Hossli cares for this earth. In a recent conversation he shared with me some of his thoughts. He is an Albertan  and cares deeply for his country and province.  Read More


Posted by Paul Born on July 6, 2017

What a summer it has been. I am currently on a summer break to rest and reflect and am feeling pretty grateful to our board, Liz Weaver (Acting President) and our team for giving me this opportunity. As you can imagine, getting some extended time away can make one optimistic. I am finding it pretty easy to smile these days.

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A Tribute to the Caledon Institute of Social Policy

Posted by Paul Born on June 8, 2017

The Caledon Institute is a social policy think tank. Co-founded by Alan Broadbent (Maytree) and Ken Battle (joined by Sherri Torjman and Michael Mendelson) in 1992, it has grown to become one of the most important organizations in Canada for its role in informing and influencing public opinion and fostering public discussion about poverty and social policy in Canada. After 25 years of remarkable work, Caledon will be closing its doors in December but its impact will live for many years to come.

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An Essential Read for Non-Profit Leaders

Posted by Paul Born on May 9, 2017

Tamarack Institute’s Board Chair, Alan Broadbent, has written a new book and it is fantastic!

If the next step in your career is leading a non-profit organization, you are likely thinking about all that it takes to make your organization strong: managing a board, raising money, talking to major donors, preparing for a fundraising gala, and speaking to government officials. All in the same day.  Lying in bed at night, you might be asking yourself: Am I ready? Will I be able to handle the pressure? What exactly will be expected of me?

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Chicken Soup Friends

Posted by Paul Born on September 30, 2016

This blog was originally published here and is reposted with the author's permission.

It was a Friday night. I was at home, lying on the couch watching an episode of who knows what through barely open eyes. I was exhausted. Around 3am that morning, I’d gotten in a cab and taken myself to the Emergency Room. I was, the ER doctor told me, having a gallbladder attack (nice ring to it, eh?). Everything turned out just fine but I had to cancel some meetings on Friday and get some rest.

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Our Community Can Change | When We Work Together

Posted by Paul Born on September 8, 2016

Later this month, more than two hundred people from across North America and around the world will be meeting in Toronto to learn together and challenge each other to "up our game" in our work of community change.  This is the kind of disruptive leadership that is needed to encourage us all to relentlessly question our own assumptions and approaches in search of more effective ways to tackle our toughest social and environmental challenges.  

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