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Laura Schnurr

Laura Schnurr
Laura leads Tamarack's work on Climate Transitions and Sustainable Development Goals. She is passionate about supporting cities and communities in their journeys towards ensuring a just, equitable and sustainable future for the next 7 generations and beyond. Through events, publications, communities of practice and other learning opportunities, Laura is helping advance the 2030 Agenda in Canada with a specific focus on the goals related to equity and climate change.

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Canada’s Most Sustainable Cities

Posted by Laura Schnurr on March 17, 2022

This resource is also available in French. Click here to access the French version.

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Nineteen Trailblazing Communities Using Collective Impact to Advance an Equitable Climate Transition

Posted by Laura Schnurr on February 3, 2022

A key takeaway from COP26 in Glasgow last fall was that given the urgency of the climate crisis and insufficient action on the part of nation-states, the potential for real change lies at the city and community level. Canadian communities are already showing tremendous climate leadership, while demonstrating the potential to do much more.

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We need whole-community leadership on climate change

Posted by Laura Schnurr on December 14, 2021

We need to pay more attention to the potential of municipalities in drastically cutting emissions while promoting more equitable outcomes for all.

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Reflections on Community Climate Transitions – seven months in

Posted by Laura Schnurr on December 12, 2021

At this time last year, Community Climate Transitions was merely an idea. There was a vision of what we could create together, but not yet the resources or people to make it happen

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Join Live Briefings for Canadian Cities from COP26

Posted by Laura Schnurr on November 1, 2021

Tamarack’s Board Chair, Shauna Sylvester, is in Glasgow for COP26. In her role as Executive Director of the SFU Morris J. Wosk Centre for Dialogue, she is helping pull together a series of briefings for Canadian cities and communities to stay informed on the conversation.

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Localizing the Sustainable Development Goals in Your Community

Posted by Laura Schnurr on September 2, 2021

What do Montreal, Winnipeg, Victoria, the Northern territories, and Shimokawa, Japan, have in common? They are all home to inspiring work on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  

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