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Launch of the 10 Guide for advancing the SDGs in your community

Posted on August 30, 2021
By Laura Schnurr

The Sustainable Development Goals offer a hopeful vision for our collective future. They outline aspirational goals for humanity to achieve by 2030 on issues such as poverty, inequalities, health and wellbeing, climate and energy, decent work, and more. They are universal, which means that they are to be implemented for all people, everywhere. However, their universal nature also means that they need to be adapted to local contexts so that the indicators and targets are relevant – a process referred to as ‘localization’.  

Tamarack has produced 10 – A Guide for Advancing the SDGs in Your Community to support individuals and organizations on their journeys to advance the Global Goals and to usher in a more sustainable, resilient and inclusive future. The Guide was s developed with input from a host of SDG leaders from across Canada who formed the SDG 10 Guide Advisory Group.

TEN Guide - CCT

The Guide includes:

  • Forewords by Tony Pipa of Brookings Institution and Mayor Berry Vrbanovic, City of Kitchener
  • 10 Questions to Assess Your Readiness to Advance the SDGs Locally
  • 10 Really Good Ideas
  • 10 Inspiring Stories
  • 10 Useful Resources
  • 10 Ways to Get Started

This Guide is for anyone working to promote sustainable development in their community and interested in how the SDGs can support them. This includes those situated in community organizations, citizen-led groups, local or regional governments, businesses, academic institutions, and beyond.

We hope you find this Guide useful in your work.

Read: 10 – A Guide to Advancing the SDGs in Your Community

Curious to know who helped co-create the Guide?

Individuals from the following organizations formed the Advisory Group: Accélérer 2030, BC Council for International Cooperation, Community Foundations of Canada, Federation of Canadian Municipalities, International Institute for Sustainable Development, Kawartha World Issues Centre, Pillar Nonprofit Network, Sustainable Development Solutions Network Canada, University of Laval, University of Waterloo, and Youth Climate Lab.


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Laura Schnurr

By Laura Schnurr

Laura leads Tamarack's work on Climate Transitions and Sustainable Development Goals. She is passionate about supporting cities and communities in their journeys towards ensuring a just, equitable and sustainable future for the next 7 generations and beyond. Through events, publications, communities of practice and other learning opportunities, Laura is helping advance the 2030 Agenda in Canada with a specific focus on the goals related to equity and climate change.

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