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Jessica Fisher

Jessica Fisher
Jessica was formerly Tamarack Institute's Manager of Learning, focusing on Vibrant Communities’ two practice areas, Cities Reducing Poverty (CRP) and Cities Deepening Community (CDC). Jessica aimed to bring a learner-centred lens to the various learning opportunities offered to CRP and CDC members.

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Building Strong Communities One Conversation at a Time

Posted by Jessica Fisher on October 16, 2018

“So, let me get this straight, we’re inviting people over for a BBQ and the purpose is…just to…talk to each other?”

I had to laugh at my partner’s confusion when I recently hosted a gathering with the goal of fostering social connections and building community. Our BBQ was part of The Genwell Project, a campaign whose mission is to make the world a happier and healthier place by reminding people about the importance of face to face social connection and inspiring them to take action.

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The Power of Questions

Posted by Jessica Fisher on October 1, 2018

I’m coming around to the idea that you can, in fact, respond to a question with another question, and still find valuable answers buried within.

Hear me out.

At work, our Founder and Director of Vibrant Communities, Paul Born, encourages me to continually ask questions, even if it means creating version eight or nine of a document I’m working on! Sure, this often feels like an endless cascade of twisting, turning questions, but this technique gets at the heart of the messy, imperfect work of poverty reduction. It reminds us that there are multiple ‘right’ answers to the complex questions we’re tackling.

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A Beginner’s Guide: Communities of Practice

Posted by Jessica Fisher on August 27, 2018

Kids know the best way to learn double dutch or how to solve a Rubik’s cube is to watch their peers do it, collect tips and tricks, and then practice the skill themselves. It’s simple: observe, apply, practice, refine.

The same is true in our professional lives when we seek to tackle a complex challenge; there are rich lessons to be learned from our peers that can be applied to make our work more effective. Joining a Community of Practice is one way to tap into our peers’ knowledge.

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There’s No “I” in “Team”; the Value of Coaching in Poverty Reduction

Posted by Jessica Fisher on July 3, 2018

If you asked LeBron James, Hayley Wickenheiser or Serena Williams what helped them to develop mastery in their chosen sports they would undoubtedly give some of the credit to their coaches – the trusted mentors and inspiring role models who empowered them to achieve more than they could on their own.

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New Report Shows Child Poverty in Canada Knows no Boundaries

Posted by Jessica Fisher on June 28, 2018
Canada, often revered for its high standard of living, is also home to  a far-reaching societal ailment: over 1.2 million children, or 17.4%,  are living in poverty with their families. That’s the finding from Campaign 2000’s riding by riding analysis of child poverty in Canada, released June 18th, 2018. Read More

It’s a Block Party and You’re Invited: Celebrate National Volunteer Week

Posted by Jessica Fisher on April 11, 2018

What better time to thank the volunteers that give their time and skills to neighbourhood projects than National Volunteer Week April 15-21, 2018? This year’s theme, “Celebrating the Value of Volunteering – building confidence, competence, connections and community”, is fitting as volunteers are integral to the work of Cities Deepening Community members as they utilize the the power of citizens to strengthen communities and neighbourhoods and develop strategies.

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