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Scott MacAfee

Scott MacAfee
Scott is a student of life, seeking out the new, innovative or interesting and connecting them to each other and existing systems. He spent almost 20 years with the Government of New Brunswick where he worked on poverty reduction through the department of Social Development and the Economic and Social Inclusion Corporation. Scott has chaired OMISTA Credit Union, Falls Brook Centre, New Brunswick Food Security Action Network and the Fredericton Loyalists Rugby Club. He has also sat on the boards of the Atlantic Summer Institute, the Healthy Eating Physical Activity Coalition and Team Rural NB. Scott is passionate about asset based community development, storytelling, literacy, community transportation and social enterprise.

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Three Benefits of Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) for Communities (and Governments)

Posted by Scott MacAfee on May 24, 2023

In this article, Scott MacAfee discusses harnessing the Power of ABCD: Building communities, strengthening democracy, and empowering change. Discover how Asset Based Community Development transforms lives. To learn more, join Tamarack's ABCD event: When Community and Municipalities Meet in the Middle. 


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Know Better, Be Better...

Posted by Scott MacAfee on March 9, 2021

My father used to say this to me often as a kid, it was all about applying lessons and not making the same mistakes again, sometimes the lessons required more than one mistake to sink in, but such is life. I thought it would be an appropriate title for this post as it beautifully summarizes the learning journey that we, National Advisory Council on Poverty, went on over the past year.

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