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Megan Nimigon

Megan Nimigon
Meg Nimigon is a Team Synergy Coach helping remote and hybrid teams create dreamy team dynamics and culture (without going into the office). She draws on her unique background as an applied theatre practitioner, an online learning creator, and her love of mindset management to help teams uncover the challenges that are holding them back and co-create solutions that build team resilience and a more joyful and productive work environment for everyone.
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The Key to Progress Is Connection + 5 Exercises to Help Create It

Posted by Megan Nimigon on October 27, 2021

In this blog post, Tamarack collaborator Megan Nimigon unpacks the concept of meaningful connection and describes team-building exercises to help build connection in face-to-face group settings.

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Putting Art at the Center of Our Social Change Efforts

Posted by Megan Nimigon on August 10, 2021

When we look at the social change sector as a whole, there is a growing awareness of the importance of art in engaging the hands, the heads and the hearts of the people who are looking to make positive transformations in their communities.

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