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Charito Gailling

Charito Gailling
I am a project manager with the Population & Public Health team. As a team, our goal is to prevent chronic disease and injury by addressing broader social determinants such as food security and healthy eating, health equity, healthy communities and schools, and the built environment. We work very collaboratively with the regional health authorities, Ministry of Health, and various community based organizations. I manage the healthy built environment (HBE) program area, and my focus is on the ways in which population health and individual lifestyle choices are influenced by our surroundings.

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How Does the Design of Communities Make Us More Connected?

Posted by Charito Gailling on July 11, 2019

Ever notice how the design of public space can shape the behaviour and interactions of people within it?  Think about how likely you would be to ride your bike to the park instead of driving, choose healthier foods, or stop to chat with neighbours if you didn’t feel safe or if the services you need are not accessible or affordable.  Our health is significantly influenced by the design of our communities, and partnering with local governments in our public health efforts is a powerful strategy to encourage healthy living and prevent chronic disease.

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