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Zoe Fleming

Zoe Fleming
Zoe Fleming's career efforts have always been focused on strengthening individuals and communities. In her role as a Community Animator in the Learning Centre, Zoe will engage with our members on our Communities Collaborating for Impact online community and develop relationships with our local partners to deliver one-day workshops across the country.

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How Conversations with Children Can Change the World

Posted by Zoe Fleming on June 15, 2015

After spending many hours with children of various ages, including my own 7 year old, I have been inspired to write. Before writing, I Googled various forms of 'children taking charge in the world' to see what had already been written. I found a lot of things that were very materialistic and devalued the amazing little humans we are surrounded by. There was one poem written in 2011 that put a McDonalds or a Pizza place on every corner, almost everything built out of candy, the place was a mess and everyone stayed up all night. I believe we are missing an incredible opportunity to tap into a valuable part of society.

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Collective Impact – An Action Tank, Not a Think Tank

Posted by Zoe Fleming on April 28, 2015

A blog by Mette Margarethe Elf, originally published on

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Please Share Your Tips for Other Learners

Posted by Zoe Fleming on April 23, 2015

In the fall of 2010, I attended my first Tamarack Communities Collaborating Institute. I read every piece of material on the suggested material and I thought I was ready to take everything in over the next 5 days. By day 2 I was exhausted, my hand was so sore from writing so much and my brain was reaching it's digestive capacity. The last time I remember feeling this way was when I was young and I read through several volumes of our Childrens' Encyclopedia Britannica.

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Bringing Community to the Table - Revisited

Posted by Zoe Fleming on February 9, 2015

In 2011, Paul Born was interviewed by Hildy Gottlieb. The interview was Bringing Community to the Table. This is one of the first interviews I remember of Paul's.

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Thinking About Our Thinking

Posted by Zoe Fleming on February 2, 2015

Two weeks ago, Tamarack hosted a webinar where Elayne Greeley interviewed Mark Holmgren about Upside Down Thinking. As Mark said, he doesn’t claim to have created this term but I’m certainly glad they brought it forward for us to think about.  Actually he has been talking about his for a while to get us thinking about a lot.

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