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Bringing Community to the Table - Revisited

Posted on February 9, 2015
By Zoe Fleming

In 2011, Paul Born was interviewed by Hildy Gottlieb. The interview was Bringing Community to the Table. This is one of the first interviews I remember of Paul's.

Paul_Born02It really helped to frame my thinking on having the right people at the table. It also helps to explain the need to bring all sectors together to create necessary change. The challeges we have in society: poverty; education; access to recreation; crime; green space reduction; or any others on the list, belong to all of us. The challenges are all of ours not "theirs" and everything is in "our backyards". We need to work together.

"All of us are everyday community people" - Hildy Gottlieb


Listen to the interview here.

Community Engagement, Community Innovation

Zoe Fleming

By Zoe Fleming

Zoe Fleming's career efforts have always been focused on strengthening individuals and communities. In her role as a Community Animator in the Learning Centre, Zoe will engage with our members on our Communities Collaborating for Impact online community and develop relationships with our local partners to deliver one-day workshops across the country.

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