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Tom Klaus

Tom Klaus
Tom Klaus has been in nonprofit and social change work his entire career. He has worked with a variety of nonprofits as a consultant in both leadership and organizational development in order to strengthen them and improve sustainability.

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Hey, What's the Buzzing Sound?

Posted by Tom Klaus on March 31, 2016

A buzzing sound can mean many things. When I was a kid growing up on an Iowa farm, a buzzing sound usually meant bees were near by...typically a scary thing since I was pretty sure they had me in their tiny stinger sights. Ah, but there are buzzing sounds that are not at all scary and indicate good things are happening. I heard one just like that last week in Buffalo, New York.

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To Engage or Mobilize?

Posted by Tom Klaus on February 29, 2016

Recently I have been ruminating on the difference between community engagement and community mobilization. "Ruminate" is a great word for a Leap Day because the extra day gives us more time to really think on something, right? In the United States, where I do much of my work, we seem to prefer the term mobilization more than engagement, though we sometimes refer to mobilization as engagement and vice versa. 

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Collective Leadership for Collective Impact

Posted by Tom Klaus on January 20, 2016
What do you do when you realize the monumental project you have undertaken will have to be finished without you?
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Muckers, Spouters, and Collaborative Leaders

Posted by Tom Klaus on August 18, 2015

Here we go again. It is the Quadrennial Quest for the next "great" leader of the United States. It is too bad we are fixated on a Presidential leadership model that has not worked well in the recent past and increasingly holds little hope for the future. Are we ready to embrace a different approach to leadership that is a better practice now and in the future?

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Community Needs Assessment or Community Understanding?

Posted by Tom Klaus on June 11, 2015

  I have a tolerate/hate relationship with community needs assessments. I really  wanted to write that I have a love/hate relationship with them but that would be  dishonest. I do not love them at all, but I do understand their importance and will  tolerate them...barely. In fact, I have designed them, conducted them, and used them  to inform and guide work on community projects and initiatives.

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What If...

Posted by Tom Klaus on May 18, 2015

An emphasis on using "evidence based practices" is stifling experimentation. This was the statement I posed in a poll within my last blog, back in February 2015, just before I got sucked into a vortex of Federal grant writing from which I am only now extracting myself. The results are in and a full 77% of respondents agreed or strongly agreed that the statement is true.

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