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Roderick Benns

Roderick Benns
Roderick Benns is the founder of Fireside Publishing House, creator of the young Prime Ministers book series that has captured national media attention for improving kids’ historical literacy. He is also the publisher of Leaders and Legacies, a social purpose news site focused on progressive news and policy and leadership dialogues. An award-winning author and journalist, Roderick has interviewed former Prime Ministers of Canada, Cabinet Ministers, Senators, and Mayors across Canada. He has written for The Globe and Mail and National Post, Toronto Star, as well as many other small and mid-sized newspapers and magazines over a 24-year career in writing and communications.

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New book advocates for Basic Income Guarantee

Posted by Roderick Benns on November 11, 2016

Leaders and Legacies publisher, Roderick Benns, spent nearly two years interviewing prominent leaders and academics across Canada on the merits of a basic income guarantee, hoping to help put the policy on the radar of politicians across the country.

A basic income (also known as a guaranteed annual income) would ensure no one ever drops below the poverty line.

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