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Rebecca Byers

Rebecca Byers
Rebecca Byers has worked in the field of health promotion for nearly 20 years. She has held staff and consulting roles at a number of national and provincial NGOs, public health departments, community groups, local government and research agencies -- primarily developing, managing and evaluating health promotion programs, events and resources. Rebecca is dedicated to supporting the health and wellness of people, organizations and communities and is currently working as a community consultant offering services in planning, project management, research and evaluation. She lives in a small town in Waterloo Region with her family and enjoys running, yoga, cooking and reading up on positive psychology and wellbeing.

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Why We Need to Start the Conversation with What’s Strong, Not What’s Wrong

Posted by Rebecca Byers on April 19, 2018

I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to attend Tamarack’s Asset-Based Community Development for Healthy Neighbourhoods event this week. We gathered at Kitchener’s beautiful Victoria Park Pavilion in decidedly unspring-like weather conditions for this three-day gathering of community builders from across the country. The program featured two of the world’s top trainers in Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD), John McKnight and Cormac Russell, among others.

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