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Michael Jones

Michael Jones
Michael Jones is leadership educator, writer and pianist/composer. He is the author of two books exploring leadership artistry and community and is also known for his many recordings of original compositions for solo piano. Michael is on the executive leadership faculties at The Banff Centre in Calgary Alberta and the University of Texas, San Antonio. He speaks on the relationship between leadership and creativity across North America. His web site is

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Leadership and the Art of Festival

Posted by Michael Jones on December 19, 2016

We are presently at the early edge of one of those big transformative shifts when the cultural landscapes of our communities and organizations are undergoing major changes. We experience it as a mounting pressure that may lead to the breakdown of existing structures and the unleashing of a global flow of new ideas, innovations and collaborative possibilities. 

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Leadership and the Power of the Imagination

Posted by Michael Jones on December 6, 2016

At the core of our existence is a pool of energy that has very little to do with personal identity. From this common pool of energy, the music plays itself and the painting paints itself. This is the world of the imagination, a world in which we play only a small part in the whole marvellous act of creation.

The global challenge now is to cultivate the conditions where life is free to generate and create new life. In a regenerative world, creation creates itself. This involves turning from a linear, closely-controlled environment to a more integrative and holistic world view.

Several principles can help guide our advance towards this more resilient and imaginative world:

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A Gift from a Stranger

Posted by Michael Jones on December 18, 2014

As we enter the season of celebration and gift-sharing, consider leaving a space at the table for the stranger: the one who communicates intangible gifts in the form of emotional truths about ourselves that we may not discover on our own. 

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Rediscovering a Mythic Worldview

Posted by Michael Jones on November 20, 2014

Leadership isn’t just about knowledge, skills and the ability to inspire change and transformation. Increasingly it is also about worldviews or our visions of life.

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