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Katja Brittain

Katja Brittain
Educated in management and theology, Katja works with congregations to use the church building for value creation. She has a particular interest in what is happening in the building when the classic Sunday morning service is over to ensure the space is made available to the wider community in a meaningful way.

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Evolving Churches in Today’s Changing Society

Posted by Katja Brittain on June 19, 2018

“Decide what the box is in your church community and begin try to think outside of it.  We need to understand our context much better before we can understand how the church needs to be different.”

This is how a member of a church congregation reflected on a day-long trip to various churches in and around Toronto this winter. Together with more than 40 other members from two congregations in Kitchener, the group learned how others have either repurposed their building or even redeveloped their entire property in order to make a difference in their communities.

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