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Jennifer Vogl

Jennifer Vogl
Jennifer is a Community Engagement Coordinator at M.A.P.S. (Mapping and Planning Support) Alberta Capital Region. She strongly believes that every person matters and that as a society, we must ensure that each person has a voice. Jennifer has dedicated most of her career and volunteering to family violence prevention, family support, and trauma informed approaches to helping her community, which has led to her receiving this year’s Peace in Families Award from the United Cultures of Canada Association.

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The Lasting Impact of an ABCD Gathering

Posted by Jennifer Vogl on January 20, 2020

“There is no way to community; community is the way.” 

These were among the words that greeted me on the first morning of ABCD Healthy Neighbourhoods Healthy Cities in Edmonton in May 2019. From the very first keynote speaker, Prof. John McKnight, to the last words spoken on the third day, I was hooked. I couldn’t get enough. Often when attending conferences and seminars, I walk away with new knowledge and tools to apply in my work. This was more. I walked away from this immersive learning experience looking not only at my professional role differently, but my personal life as well. How could I help my community thrive? Do I know my neighbours? How can I get to know them better? Attending this event has impacted me in many different facets.  Here are my biggest takeaways from those three amazing days:

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